Feature Releases For 2019 (Plus A Recap of 2018)

by Aidan Paringer

What a huge year 2018 has been for us as a company and all of our users. We released 20 new tools, CRM updates and module upgrades this year. That’s almost two releases each month! We work incredibly hard here to make sure that you not only have the largest and most diverse selection of tools to grow your business but the most high quality tools as well. It’s been an incredibly exciting year for all of us at BNTouch, full of growth and great work. 2018 has been huge and we plan for 2019 to be even bigger!
Check out our list of planned feature releases for 2019 or revisit any of the past releases from 2018 below.

2019 Feature Releases & Updates:

  1. Brand New Dashboard
  2. New Modules Section To Increase CRM Power
  3. A Brand New Video Module – Send Custom Videos To Borrowers & Partners
  4. A Simplified and More Powerful Borrower Portal
  5. Fully Integrated Mortgage AI Assistant
  6. Pricing Engine Integration – Give Automated Quotes
  7. Improved LOS integrations
  8. Official E-Signature Roll Out
  9. Multiple New Reports – Including A Referral Tree
  10. Template Page, Content Exchange and Newsletter Re-Designs
  11. Zapier Based API
  12. Property Market Snapshot – Market Data Report In Portals

2018 Feature Release & Update Recap

1. User Facebook Group

In January we launched the BNTouch Family user group on Facebook. A group for all BNTouch users to interact. Our Facebook group members get first access to updates, news and feature. It’s a space for users to interact with each other, share how their using the CRM and discover business growth tips.

2. Facebook Ads Integration

In February we released a two way Facebook Ads integration. This integration allows you to sync any of your BNTouch pipelines with Facebook Ads Platform, allowing you to create ads for your BNTouch leads, prospects or follow-up contacts. The integration also allows any new leads you collect on Facebook to be automatically added to your BNTouch leads pipeline. Learn more about our Facebook Integration for Mortgage Ads.

3. BNTouch Connect

Our second quarter Connect release gave all BNTouch users the ability to add live chat to their websites. The amazing part about the connect tool is that it allows loan officers to respond through text messaging on their mobile phone. Learn more about BNTouch Connect our live website chat tool.

4. New Website Templates

This release added a slew of modern template designs to our Website Builder Module. A lot of features were added to the website module this year along with chat and digital 1003 integrations. Not only is it important to have all the tools you need but for all of your tools to work together. Learn how you can build your mortgage website with BNTouch.

5. Custom Pipeline View

The custom pipeline view allowed users to organize all of their contacts into custom pipelines. For example contacts could be broken down by credit rating, how many times they’ve been contacted, loan type or any other data point within the system. Check out our full article on creating custom mortgage pipelines.

6. Activity Score

This release gave account admins the ability to gauge how much of BNTouch’s functionalities each member of their team is using. It breaks down all of the systems features into specific categories and gives each user a account activity (or usage) score based on those categories. Learn more about this mortgage account activity score here.

7. Upgraded Tracker

The communication tracker is one of the most loved features of the CRM. This update increased the functionality of the communication tracker so that every piece of communication sent to leads would be tracked, high & low maintenance borrowers could be tracked and added visual elements to the tracker. Discover all communication tracker updates here.

8. Custom 1003 Application

This module release gave users the ability to create and send custom 1003 applications automatically to all of their leads. These 1003 applications were can can have progress saved at anytime and are tracked on a shared web portal between you and your borrower. Learn more about our custom, digital 1003 application module here.

9. Triggers From Tracker

Tracker triggers gave users the ability to start campaigns based on data from their communication tracker. For example start “X” marketing campaign if a lead has been called more than 3 times. Or start “Y” campaign if a prospect has clicked through 5 marketing emails and not filled out an application. Learn all about mortgage marketing triggers here.

10. Lead Bucket

Historically leads would be assigned to different loan officers automatically from the system or manually by the account admin. With the lead bucket loan officers were given the ability to assign themselves loans that were placed in the lead bucket. Learn more about lead distribution options with BNTouch here.

11. Mobile App Update

Six new features added to our mobile app in 2018. A new dashboard, click to call button, conversion report, events section, the ability to add/remove participants and update processing stages can all be enjoyed from the app. You can check out details on all the mobile mortgage CRM app updates here.

12. Marketing Videos

Added a slew of new marketing videos into the custom marketing video section. Videos for any occasion that automatically personalize to the person you send them to

13. E-Signature Tool

This module release gave users a completely integrated way to get documents signed digitally. Automatically send signable documents to your borrowers and track signed docs in a shared portal. You can learn much more about the mortgage e-signature tool here.

14. Open House Tool

BNTouch is not just for you, the open house tool gives users the ability to create lead forms for their real estate partners. Just have your partner open this lead form on an iPad during the open house to start collecting leads that’ll go directly into the CRM and start receiving follow-up marketing emails. Check out the Open House Lead Tool here.

15. BNTouch Mail Update

Added functionality to BNTouch Mail, users can track delivery status, mail history and send cards faster with an updated search. You can check out our full article to learn all about mortgage direct mail marketing with BNTouch.

16. Assignment Management Tool

This release made it easier to manage lead assignments in the CRM. It shows your offices entire lead assignment history. Allows for searching and filtering of lead assignments. And grants the ability to reverse accidental lead assignments and assign leads in bulk. Learn more about the Assignment Management Tool here.

17. Star Ratings

Users can add star ratings to any and all of their contacts within BNTouch. Users can also sort their contacts by star rating. Rate hot leads, and sort them by priority or add stars to borrowers that bring on referrals. Star ratings give yet another way to segment your borrowers. Learn more about rating your mortgage records here.

18. Social Media Info

Automatically pulls social media profile information for all your records based on their email and phone number. Add a face to every name in your records or see the social media following of borrowers to know who has the most friends to refer you too.

19. Mobile 1003

Added 1003 capability to our mobile app. Borrowers can now fill out their 1003 applications anywhere using any device with BNTouch and our MortgageCircles App.

20. Co-Branded Postcards

Send postcards that are branded with you and a partner of your choices contact info. Send co-branded mail directly to your borrowers mailbox.
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