BNTouch Mobile App Update

by Aidan Paringer

Your mobile CRM is about to be elevated. Our newest update to the BNTouch mobile app will be live on the app store and play stores on July 5th, 2018. Here is what you’ll get with the new update…

  1. Improved In-App Communication

    Click to call, text or email your borrowers and partners right from the app. One click communication with any of your records from anywhere with our super simple in-app communication suite. Reaching out and following up has never been easier.

  2. New Dashboard Section

    We’ve got a brand new dashboard section that has tons of easy to access information including; Tasks, Alerts, Campaigns & Assignments. Each section even comes with notifications so you can quickly gauge when there are new items to be reviewed.

  3. New Conversion Report

    We’ve updated the “My Stats” section with a new customization conversion report. See an graphical overview of your entire conversion pipeline, everything from leads to funded. Includes tons of important statistics like dollar amounts and conversion rates. You can even drill down the report by lead type.

  4. New Latest Events Section

    Similar to the tracker report from your desktop CRM. This new “Latest Events” section will give you a rundown of every event that’s happening within your CRM. See all notes, emails and calls made. Any emails clicked on or messages sent. Even web-forms filled or tasks created.  You can follow the action from anywhere with the “Latest Events” section.

  5. Add & Remove Participants

    You can now add or remove participants from any loan. Just open up a record within the app and from the participants section. You can select any partners or agents that are involved with a specific loan or application to be included in updates and communication.

  6. Update Processing Stages

    Update processing stages with dates and comments from inside the app. Get a quick overview of what stage your borrowers are at in the loan process and how it compared to your projections. Easily add reminders and comments to each processing stage on the fly.

Aidan Paringer
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