Target the Right Audience: Analyzing Mortgage Customer Behavior
Sometimes, it’s not the number of your leads but the quality. Quality leads allow you...
compliance practices in mortgage marketing people looking at marketing ideas on a big computer screen
The Ultimate 2024 Guide to Marketing for Mortgage Loan Officers
Are you looking to capture leads and grow your business in 2024? If so, you’ll...
crm tools Vector illustration concept of social media, networking, online communication, seo, internet advertising, market research, data analysis, business strategy, consulting.
5 CRM Tools that Can Empower Your Team to Get More Done
The right CRM tools can make a world of difference in the ultra-competitive mortgage industry....
purple background with horseshoe magnet
4 Ways a Mortgage CRM Can Improve Conversion Rates for Brokers
Do you want to be successful in the mortgage industry? One of the most important...
SEO optimization concept in futuristic geometry style. Abstract digital target, arrow in bullseye on a computer monitor screen. Growth chart on blue technology background. Low poly wireframe vector.
Lead Generation Automation Made Easy With Bntouch CRM
Lead generation automation always takes some time and strategy. However, if you aren’t already using...
lead management
The Power of Analytics for Generating Leads: How to Leverage CRM Data
For a mortgage broker, analytics for generating leads might just be the single most powerful...
Mortgage Leads for Brokers
Mortgage Leads for Brokers: Boost Business
You know that success relies heavily on generating mortgage leads for brokers in the mortgage...
Personal Branding: Loan Officer
How to Market Yourself: Loan Officer Personal Branding
Loan originator marketing is about more than just getting noticed. It also involves building a...

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