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A potential borrower makes a decision about your level of credibility within four seconds of hitting your home page. We all know websites are important but in this age where everyone has one, it’s never been more important to have a website that also stands out. Today we’ve released the completely revamped mortgage website builder module. You can now create beautifully modern and functional websites with just a few clicks.

Is There A Mortgage Specific Website Builder?

Yes, BNTouch offers a website builder tool that is specifically for mortgage brokers. From mortgage specific templates to pre-populated mortgage content that you can just edit and publish. You’ll be able to create an fully integrated mortgage website in just minutes.

Beautifully Designed Modern Templates:

Mortgage Website Templates
Take advantage of these four new modern templates that can be applied to your website with one click. Just edit your text, features and pages to make these templates into unique works of art.


Dedicated Login & Admin Panel:


Mortgage Website Admin Panel
Each website comes with a unique login portal and admin panel so only the right people can get in to add and make changes to your website.


Analytics, Analytics, Analytics:


Mortgage Website Analytics
Did your new marketing campaign cause a spike in website traffic? Is your website performing better this month than last? View all the important stats needed to gauge your performance at any time.


Edit Menus and Pages With Ease:


Mortgage Website Editor
Our simplified menu and web page editors allow you to customize all the content areas of your website to say and look exactly how you want. What you see in the editor, is what you’ll get on your webpage. It’s never been easier to manage, update and customize your mortgage website.

Ready To Check Out Our Mortgage Website Builder?

New Users:
Mortgage Website Demo

Current Users:

Websites Module can be activated by an administrative user of your BNTouch CRM account. 
To activate the module please visit the Modules page (access via top right corner menu) and
look for Websites Module listing. Please note that after activation, master account will be charged
$35/month. All other active users will be charged an additional $10/month/user for this Websites functionality.

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