Refinance Calculator Software For Mortgage Brokers & Loan Officers

by Aidan Paringer

Ever wanted the ability to quickly run a few refinance scenarios for one of your potential or past borrowers? Show them how much they could save by refinancing their current loan? Well we’ve created the tool you need to do so. With BNTouch’s new Refiance Analysis Calculator you can run up to three different refinance scenarios by just changing a few key stats and our tool will crunch all the numbers and display the potential savings in an easily shareable report. This report will be able to be emailed to or shown on the custom borrower portal of your potential borrower.

It’s as easy as…

  1. Set Proposed Loan Scenarios

    mortgage refinance analysis software

    Just set the terms for what a refinanced loan could possibly look like and hit the calculate button. From their our software will do the rest and display the savings in an easy to read and share report.

  2. Observe the savings

    refinance analysis savings report

    Let our system run the numbers and display the saves from each proposed loan scenario. You’ll even be able to select and highlight the best loan scenario to display front and center with a blue/green highlight. The full report also shows savings over a holding period that can be custom set, along with a safe investment return rate.

  3. Share The Report With Your Borrowers

    Refinance Analysis Shareable Report

    Once a report is created you’ll be able to easily share it with your borrower through email or by adding it to their custom digital borrower portal. No matter how you share it the saving will be clear, concise and convincing. Edit a saved analysis to make quick adjustments and resend. As well as create completely new refinance analysis reports based on new proposed loan scenarios.

    You’ll even be able to edit the disclosure or legalize that is sent along with any of your refinance analysis reports.Refinance Analysis Disclosure

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