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by Aidan Paringer

That mortgage client tracker you’ve been using to add tasks and keep track of your communication with all of your borrowers & partners, it’s now been upgraded to version 2.0. You’re upgraded tracker will now break down all of the most important communication stats associated with each record in your account. Allowing you to get a quick and customizable overview of how many calls, emails and texts a borrower has received and much more. Below we’ve compiled a list of a few of the biggest perks you’ll receive when you begin to utilize your upgraded tracker.

Mortgage Client Tracker

Sales Benefits:

  1. Track Your Touches

    The most obvious benefit is that you’ll now be able to see how many touches of a certain type were made to any prospect, borrower or partner in your database. You’ll even be able to see when the record was created and when the last time you communicated with them was so that you’ll instantly be able to know whether it’s time to start making calls.

  2. Separate High & Low Maintenance Borrowers

    Using the mortgage client tracker you’ll now be able to quickly get a sense of who your high maintenance (those who require a lot of attention and communication) borrowers and low maintenance (those who don’t require much attention) borrowers are. Create a separate group for each and send different marketing material or different amounts of marketing material to your high and low maintenance borrowers, appeasing each group and making them more likely to work with you in the future.

  3. Create Highly Engaged Contacts

    See who your highly engaged contacts are. Set your upgraded tracker to show “Email Sent”, “SMS Sent” & “Click Through” to discover which of your borrowers and partners are engaging with most of your marketing material. The higher the click through the more engage this person is with your business. Create a group of these borrowers/partners and use them for your big asks. If you need testimonials for your website, go to your engaged contacts list. If you are looking for referrals, go to your engaged contacts list. If you want feed honest feed back on your new logo, go to your engage contacts list. These are your evangelical followers and are a powerful bunch of people to separate from the rest.

  4. Touch Count to Loan Closing

    Discover touch count required to close a loan. A touch refers to a single time that you reach out or communicate with a borrower, when you send out an email or make a call that counts as a touch. Using the upgraded tracker you can now easily go through and get an average of how many touches it takes with a potential borrower to turn them into a borrower and close the loan. This will help your marketing in all kinds of ways, like how long your lead follow-up email campaigns should be, give you a general length for you sales cycle and allow you to make tons of profit and sales predictions based on the number of new leads you get each week. Running a business means constantly optimizing so always work to improving your communication and cutting down the amount of touches it takes to close a loan.

What’s Next? Tracker Based Triggers:

*Update: Tracker based triggers have been released, click here to check them out*

If that’s not enough don’t worry because we only plan on making this mortgage client tracker even better in the near future. The next feature we will be adding is the ability to create triggers based on your tracker statistics. You’ll be able to create campaigns for people who’ve received a certain amounts of emails, texts and phone calls. Create campaigns for those who’ve clicked through your marketing material a certain amount of times. Create campaigns for those who’ve filled out specific web forms and even for potential borrowers who have messaged you through your new website chat box.

How to Use It:

You’ll be able to add and remove events from the mortgage client trackers stats by clicking the “events” tab above the tracker, selecting the events you’d like to add or remove then selecting the apply button from the bottom. Thus enabling you to customize the upgraded tracker to give you any information you desire to use in any way we’ve listed above or any creative way you can think of. If you think of a good one let us know, we love to hear how are users are taking advantage of BNTouch’s world class tools.

How To Use Mortgage Client Tracker


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