Increase Business Volume

Increase individual Loan Officer productivity through implemented workflows, new-age sales tools and marketing automation. Increase referral business volume with this best in breed partnership building platform.
enterprise mortgage crm business volume

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Brand Awareness

Utilize branded multi-channel messaging and powerful communication tools to keep your borrowers and Real Estate Agents in sync.
mortgage customer satisfaction

Control Branding and Message

Setup a compliant, consistent message in each step of the mortgage process that will support your company’s values and vision with our enterprise mortgage crm.
enterprise mortgage crm branding

Control Sales and Marketing Databases

Your marketing dollars are safe if you own the results. Assign leads to new Loan Officers so they can continue the sales or loan process in case a file that is affected by turnover.
enterprise mortgage crm sales

Simplify On-boarding for New Teams and Branches

Easily set and document your sales and marketing workflows for painless on-boarding of new team members and teams. Your enterprise mortgage crm setup is automatically applied to new accounts with the customization abilities for high-producing branches.
simplify mortgage onboarding

Multi-Level Analytics

Configure report templates and functionality to fit your team’s needs, limit features to satisfy your Compliance department and review your team’s performance with numerous team specific reports.
multi level mortgage marketing
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BNTouch Family
The staff is super friendly and helpful, the CRM is great, and where they need improvements, they make them in a timely fashion. I really enjoy working with them!
This is a great addition to our team and really allows us to stay on top of our files.
Pavia Financial Services
I've only been using BNTouch for a few weeks, but I can tell it's going to make my life and my business much more efficient! The automation capabilities in particular are extraordinarily powerful - unfortunately, this also means they're fairly complicated. There's definitely a steep learning curve - I've had to contact their support department probably a dozen times in the last two weeks. But that said, their support is very helpful, and I learn something each time I speak with somebody. Overall, it seems like a great product so far, and I'm excited to learn more about how to utilize their features!
Loan Simple
It really helps me keep on top of my leads, and for me to be able to keep up with my borrowers. The company is great to work with and there doesn't seem to be any lag.
Universal Lending Corporation
Must have product for loan officers! The system makes is very easy to manage my database, whether I need to follow up with potential clients or market to client's that I've closed in the past.
New Horizon Home Loans
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