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by Aidan Paringer

Tired of using a different piece of software for everything you do in your business? Well fret no more because BNTouch now offers an e-signature tool for loan officers that can rival anything else on the market. E-Sign is the 13th digital mortgage tool that you can use to upgrade your CRM experience. Send and receive signable documents directly from your CRM with ease. Just upload the doc to BNTouch, drag a drop the signature elements and hit send. BNTouch will then create a signable version of the doc and send it to your borrower who can click, sign and upload the doc in minutes.

Is There An E-Signature Tool For Loan Officers?

Yes, BNTouch offers an e-signature tool that is fully integrated with their mortgage CRM. It allows loan officers to upload and create signable docs that can be sent, signed and uploaded back into the CRM. E-Signature is just one of the many digital mortgage tools offered by BNTouch.

Update 4/9/19: Track E-Sign Data With Reports:

You can now see data accrued around your e-signable docs created in BNTouch. You’ll be able to see your total number of docs signed along with how may new docs were signed each week. Graph data to see if your getting more signed docs each week/month or even which loan officers on your team are getting the most docs signed. You’ll even be able to see an entire list of all the signable docs your office has sent out along with stats on which have been and when they were signed.

Upload PDF Or Word Docs:

Add mortgage docs for e-sign
Upload a pdf, word document or even a Google doc with the click of a button. We also allow for sharing and uploading docs from our doc library.

Add Interactive Fields:

Create esign mortgage docs
With the document editor you can add interactive fields to any doc. Add check boxes, text input, date, signature and initial fields by simply dragging and dropping. All pages of the uploaded doc will be listed. You’ll have the ability to add signature and interactive fields to any and all pages.

Send Signable Docs From CRM:

send signable mortgage docs
Sending signable docs has never been easier. Just search for the borrower you need a signed doc from and hit send. Let BNTouch do the rest as it sends a custom email containing the signed doc directly to your borrower.

Learn More About BNTouch & Our Fully Integrated E-Sign Tool.

Borrowers Can Sign In Minutes:

Sign Mortgage Docs
Borrowers will instantly receive a custom branded email with a link to the interactive doc. They’ll fill in the custom signature and text fields then submit the doc back into a shared portal. From the portal you both can download and check which documents have been uploaded/signed.

Track Signed Docs In A Shared Portal:

Track Signed Mortgage Docs
Use a shared web portal to see which docs have been signed. Even when they were signed. You’ll also both be able to re-download one of the signed docs directly from this portal. Want to learn more about BNTouch’s borrower and partner portals?

Never Miss A Signed Doc:

Signed Mortgage Doc Notification
All parties will be notified automatically by email when a doc in their shared portal has been signed. Never have to call to ask if a document was signed again, just check and email notification or shared web-portal and move on with your day.

E-Sign will be a paid module that you’ll be able to add to your account. Though we’re working to ensure it will be cheaper and easier to use than third party E-Signature tools. Get a say in how the final tool looks by submitting your feedback and suggestions to our development team. The power to craft the perfect CRM is yours!

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