More Ways To Distribute Mortgage Leads To Your Team – Introducing Lead Bucket

by Aidan Paringer

You’re already using BNTouch to collect, manage and distribute mortgage leads. Today we introduce a new tool called Lead Bucket that will expands on that distribution. The Lead Bucket will allow your team to take more control of their lead flow, build better relationships and close more loans. Assigning the right lead to the right teammate can be the difference between a closed loan and missed opportunity. We now offer three ways that any mortgage office can handle their lead distribution. Because we understand that having the freedom and flexibility to assign loans to your team in a way that makes sense for your business is crucial to your success.

In this article we are going to break down the three loan distribution avenues you now have with BNTouch. While also highlighting the new Lead Bucket and how it offers you a whole new way to distribute leads to your team.

  1. Manual Distribution

    You can manually assign every lead that comes in to specific members on your team. You can do so by clicking on an individual record by name and going into the “Contact Info” tab of that record. This is a great distribution strategy for someone who wants to have full control over the lead flow in their organization. This tactic can also be used to re-assign leads and change them from one teammate to another.

  2. Automatic Distribution

    You can use Automatic Distribution to set parameters based on your specific teammates needs and abilities, and let the system automatically distribute leads for you. Automatic Distribution can be setup from the “Options” tab within the CRM. This distribution strategy works really well for website or advertising leads that you just want to divvy up amongst your team equally in a round robin style. But it also is customizable enough to where more leads can be given to higher performing employees than those that are lower performing, in training or even part-time.

  3. The Lead Bucket

    You can now set aside specific leads in your CRM for your team to manually assign to themselves. The lead bucket can be activated on your account by anyone one our support team. This distribution strategy works really well if you have a list or subset of leads that you want your team to be able to self assign. For example if you had a list of 500 leads that you just sent a mailer to, you’d want to place those leads into the Lead Bucket. As your mailer leads begin to call in you can have whichever team member that answers their call go into the bucket and assign that lead to them self. Thus ensuring that they’re following up with leads that they’ve already spoken to and are familiar with.

With the new Lead Bucket You now have three unique ways to distribute leads to your team. You can mix and match all three of these distribution methods, so feel free to get creative and find the best way they can impact your office and help you grow your business.

If you’d like to implement the Lead Bucket into your CRM, or have any other questions about lead distribution, get in touch with support. They can activate the bucket for your office and give you some tips on how to best begin using it. Or you can check out some other ways BNTouch can help you with lead and pipeline management.

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