Press Release: BNTouch Announces Listed Properties Watch Alerts Features

by Crystal Minter

BNTouch Mortgage CRM is an integrative mortgage growth platform that provides over 30 digital marketing, client relationship management, and point of sale (POS) tools. Today, BNTouch announced its latest groundbreaking online module.

The “Listed Properties” Watch Alerts feature is an exciting new big-data module available to all BNTouch users. This innovative feature monitors the MLS real estate market and automatically alerts users to relevant property listing information and updates.

The “Listed Properties” Watch Alert module provides mortgage professionals with up-to-date intelligence about their local real estate market. Alerts are generated if the new MLS listing is found and matches the record in the user’s CRM mortgages database. Loan officers can use the information provided to conveniently market and communicate with listing agents of listed properties, share information with current partners, and track new borrowing opportunities for their clients. BNTouch provides mortgage offices and independent lending professionals with the tools to stay top of mind with their existing clients and grow their professional networks.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the ‘Listed Properties’ Watch Alerts feature for all of our users. With this new module, our subscribers will automatically receive MLS updates through alert emails and in their CRM,” said Yuri Polukeev, BNTouch President. 

Professional Network Growth and Increasing Loan Origination

Initiating an effective reconnect campaign with borrowers and building a broad network of professional partners can now be accomplished with just a few clicks. The BNTouch CRM provides all the customer management tools that lending professionals need to thrive in today’s marketplace.

The “Listed Properties” Watch Alert module is currently available for all existing and new BNTouch subscribers. With options for mortgage companies of all sizes, BNTouch subscriptions start at only $69 per month. Additional individual plans are priced at $148 per month and team plans are only $79 per user per month. View specific plans and pricing here:

Mortgage offices and individual LO’s can leverage these powerful tools to broaden their professional networks, successfully reconnect with borrowers, and increase their rates of loan origination.

About BNTouch

BNTouch is the world’s most feature-rich Mortgage CRM and growth platform. The tools provided through BNTouch allow mortgage offices to initiate automated marketing campaigns, convert leads more efficiently, stay top of mind with contacts, and recruit new partners–all from one consolidated online platform. Managing your mortgage marketing and communications has never been easier.

BNTouch was founded in 2004 and is based in Portland, OR. For more information, visit 

Crystal Minter
BNTouch Mortgage CRM

Crystal Minter
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