Introducing The Lead Assignment Manager

by Aidan Paringer

We’re happy to announce our newest improvement to your CRM. While this will provide some value to all users this is a big one for account admins. As of today all admins have access to our brand new assignment manager dashboard. This dashboard will show your offices entire lead assignment history. Allow your team to easily assign leads to one another. Cancel lead assignments and even re-assign leads that have gotten lost in translation.

Admins, you can access your new lead assignment dashboard from the options tab within the CRM. For those of you not using the system you can request a demo here.

BNTouch Lead Assignment Manager

How does it all work? We’ll break down the specific features of the Assignment Manager below.

  1. Know Where Your Leads Come From

    Know Mortgage Lead Origin
    Ever wonder how a lead got into your pipeline? With the assignment manager anyone in your office will be able to sort leads by the date they were assigned. You can lay out your offices entire history of lead assignments on one screen. See who assigned who what lead on what date. You’ll never been confused about how a lead got into your pipeline again.

  2. Search & Filter Lead Assignments

    Search Mortgage Lead Assigments
    Want to find out when first time home buyer “John Williams” was assigned to you? You can now easily search through your entire lead assignment history in order to find a specific record in no time. Want to go through all of the leads that were assigned specifically to you? You can do that as well from the “User To” search by and selecting your name from the drop down.

  3. Reverse Accidental Lead Assignments

    Re-Assign Mortgage Leads
    Assigned a lead to the wrong person? With the click of a button you can now cancel or reverse any lead assignment. Want to re-assign a lead to an LO with a less full plate? Just as simply do that with the click of a button as well. Use the assignment manager to make sure that all leads are getting to the best place in the shortest amount of time.

  4. Perform Bulk Actions With Previous Assignments

    Bulk Mortgage Lead Assignments
    Make changes to lead assignments in bulk. Had a team member leave or go on vacation? You can now easily filter and re-assign all of their leads at once to a new LO in your office. Save time by using bulk actions to do it all at once.

  5. Check The Status Of Any Lead Assignment

    Mortgage Lead Status
    You’re in charge of assigning leads for your office. With the assignment manager you can easily check when leads you’ve assigned have been accepted or cancelled by a team member. Know in an instant whether a lead needs to be re-assigned or if they’ve gotten with the right person to follow-up.

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