BNTouch Mail – Send Postcards To Your Borrowers

by Aidan Paringer

Despite what many may tell you, direct mail marketing for loan officers is not dead. The average response rate for a direct mail campaign is still 5%. That’s more than double the average for email (which is around 2.2%). We live in a multi channel world and it’s so important as marketers that we target potential borrowers on as many channels as we can. Email blasts and hard selling social posts have become common place, maybe it’s time to re-try a classic. One that provides potential borrowers with a more personal touch. Maybe it’s time to try sending some postcards with BNTouch Mail.

Here’s what you can do with BNTouch’s Mail Add-On…

  1. Send Branded Postcards To Borrowers

    Send Branded Mail To Mortgage Borrowers
    You probably could have guessed this feature but it is the most important. Using our Mail Add-On you’ll be able to send custom branded postcards to your borrowers and partners in just a few clicks. You can send a personalized one off card to a single borrowers. Or add a postcard send as a campaign step and have the system automatically send out cards to everyone in one of your marketing campaigns.Add Custom Text To Direct Mortgage Mail
    Have the system automatically send out a congratulations card to each new funded loan. It can add a nice personal touch to any funded loan campaign. The way you send cards is up to you. Whether you’re looking to automate and save time or keep full control over each card sent. You can even send postcards which are co-branded for you and one of your real estate partners.

  2. So Many Designs!

    Send Mortgage Direct Mail Poscards
    Choose from one of our 30+ default postcard designs. Or simply upload your own artwork and send a fully customized card. The possibilities are endless when you can add your own postcard designs. Just save a postcard design to your computer and you’ll be able to upload the custom design directly into the Mail section of BNTouch. You’ll even be able to create custom tabs for all your different designs to stay organized.

  3. Track Delivery Status

    Track Mortgage Direct Mail Delivery Status
    Know when your postcards have been received. With BNTouch mail you’ll have the ability to track the shipping status of every postcard sent. See if the card is sent, received, processed for delivery or if it failed to arrive. Easily browse your entire card send history, see when each card was sent and when it arrived. You’ll even be able to view your sent cards to see what was written on each.

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