Mortgage Tracker Triggers – Send Automated Marketing From Communication Events

by Aidan Paringer

We’ve got an exciting new update this week and it has to do with your communication tracker. You know that thing in BNTouch that keeps track of every time you call or email a partner. That let’s you know what forms your borrowers have filled out or what marketing they’ve clicked on.

Mortgage Tracker Trigger

Well you’ll now be able to create campaign triggers that will automatically add your partners and borrowers to campaigns based on what’s logged in their communication tracker.

How Can You Use Tracker Triggers?

  1. Call Count Trigger

    mortgage call count trigger
    Want a specific piece of mortgage content that highlights what differentiates you from the competition to automatically go out to a potential borrower that you’ve called more than three times? Setup a Tracker Trigger that will add Leads to your campaign when the tracker shows a call count greater than or equal to 3.

  2. Click Through Trigger

    mortgage click through trigger
    Want to send a refinance packet to one of your past borrower who seems to be engaging with a lot of your marketing recently? Setup a Tracker Trigger that will add borrowers with funded loans that closed over a year ago and have click through 10 or more of your emails.

  3. Remove Inactive Accounts

    mortgage remove inactive accounts trigger
    Want to remove inactive accounts from one of your long running campaigns in order to see more accurate reports and statistics from that campaign? Setup a Tracker Trigger that removes leads from a campaign that have received 50 or more emails from you and haven’t progressed to the application process.

  4. Feedback Trigger

    mortgage feedback trigger
    Want to get the most feedback possible from a new article, piece of content or offering? Send out a survey using a Tracker Trigger to your past borrowers that have responded to 4 or more of your surveys in the past.

  5. Congratulate Partners

    mortgage partners trigger
    Want to automatically send out a congratulatory text message thanking one of your partners for referring you 10 clients? Create a Tracker Trigger that adds your partners to a thank you campaign once they’ve logged 10 referrals in the tracker.


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