View Your Teams Account Activity Score & Mortgage CRM Account Usage

by Aidan Paringer

When you and your team are using all of the tools available in your CRM’s tool belt your business will grow as a result. It’s very important to us that everyone is getting the most out of our system and that is why we’ve put together this new tool that will break down the mortgage CRM account usage of everyone on your team.

This new account usage tool breaks down all the important aspect of the platform and shows how much each member of your team is using them. This will offer an overview of account activity and ensure that you’ll be able to provide training, resources and support to anyone on your team who seems to be struggling in a specific area of the CRM.

mortgage crm account usage

You’re Account Usage section will look similar to the example above and can be found under here, or “Administration” then “Usage” in your account.
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Pro Tips:

Not all sections are created equally, here are a few pro-tip takeaways you can utilize from your account activity reports.

  1. App Section – Everyone on your team should be marked yes here. The BNTouch mobile app allows users to run the important CRM features from their phones. With click to call reminders, calendar/task access and live statistics any time this is an important feature for your whole team to be using. If anyone on your team is checked “No” here we recommend you reach out and get them trained and comfortable with the mobile app. The app can be found in the App or Google Play store by searching “BNTouch”.
  2. Turn off mortgage crm safe modeSafe Mode – Another important column, if safe mode is on then any automated emails or marketing will not work for that account. Safe mode is for when you are training new teammates and do not want them accidentally sending things out. Once someone is up and running you want to make sure that safe mode is off and that they’re getting the full power of the CRM.
  3. Running Campaigns Section – This will show you how much active marketing anyone on your team is doing. The more running campaigns they have going the more active marketing that’s going on. If an account has low or no running campaigns that can indicate they need more training in the automation features of the system. Try showing them the Content Exchange or activating the Marketing Control Center so they can start adding pre-made campaigns to their account and increase their running campaigns number with ease.
  4. Portal Apps – This gives you the number of borrowers associated with that account who have downloaded the Mortgage Circles app. This is also an important statistic because the more of your teams borrowers that have downloaded mortgage circles and can access the benefits of portals from anywhere, the better communication will be between you and your borrowers. If someone on your team has a lower number here than everyone else it can signal that they don’t understand the benefits of using portals and the mortgage circles app and may be time for some extra training.

Section Glossary:

User ID: The unique identification number associated with each account

Name: The name associated with each account

Username: The username used to login to each account

Created: The date each account was created

Last Login: The last time each account has logged into BNTouch

App: Whether that account has downloaded and logged into the mobile app

Last Sync: The last time that each account has synced with outside L.O.S.

Safe Mode: Informs you if an account is in safe mode or not (If an account is in safe mode it will not be able to automatically send emails and campaign steps)

Campaigns: This is the amount of marketing campaigns created by or associated with each account

Running Campaigns: The amount of unique campaign instances associated with each account (for example if you have a birthday campaign running for one borrower, that is one instance)

Steps Sent: This is the total number of campaign steps (or marketing pieces) sent from each account

Mortgages: The amount of mortgage records associated with each account

Partnerships: The amount of partner records associated with each account

Recruiting: The amount of recruiting records associated with each account

Portal Visits: The total number of visits received to all portals created from each account

Portal Apps: The total number of clients who have downloaded and accessed their portal using the Mortgage Circles App.

Activity Score: The overall score based on averaging all of the previous columns, this number represents the big picture Activity of each account


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