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One of the most important aspects of growing a successful mortgage business lies in successfully managing pipeline throughout the entire lifecycle.

BNTouch CRM will help you achieve more repeat business and referrals by delivering an easy to use, robust and effective database management solution. BNTouch sales pipeline organizes your database and allows to more targeted day-to-day communication.

After the loan is closed, BNTouch helps you retain that borrower by continuing to strengthen your relationships, monitor for refinance opportunities, and make it easy for your clients to refer business your way.

BNTouch CRM Features

Mortgage Pipeline Management

Sales and Marketing tools available in BNTouch Mortgage CRM will increase your lead conversion, customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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Partner Pipeline Management

Manage partners and building relationship with them just became easier.

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Recruiting Pipeline Management

Streamline your recruitment process with bntouch CRM.

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Staying compliant is essential these days! See all compliance features of our CRM.

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Productivity Tools

Productivity tools such as calendaring and document storage are essentials to saving time and money on communication with your clients and partners.

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Monitoring performance is essential for any mortgage manager or CEO.

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Workflow Automation

Workflow automation will help you save thousands of dollars in work hours every month!

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Users Access, Hierarchy and Customization

BNTouch flexibility allows company managers to setup the CRM system in a way that will distribute rights and limit access to features and data.

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In order to facilitate your marketing and production efforts, BNTouch was constructed with integration in mind.

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Industry Leaders Rock with BNTouch:

“A truly amazing system, I’m looking forward to becoming more automated and systematic.”

Clint Womack
Vintage Lending

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