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by Aidan Paringer

BNTouch is the only Mortgage CRM that offers a content exchange. A place where our users can upload the mortgage marketing content they’ve been using for others to apply to their account. See how our top producing clients are creatively using their CRM to bring in more borrowers and provide more loans.

How Do I Get Pre-Made Mortgage Marketing Content?

There are plenty of services and agencies that will make marketing content for your business at a price. With BNTouch we offer a content exchange within the CRM that allows users to upload content they’re actually using in their business for other members to download, edit and use.

Mortgage Marketing Content Dashboard

  • Pre-Made Mortgage Marketing Content

    With 250+ campaigns to choose from you’ll be able to beef up your marketing with ease. The content exchange is filled with campaigns created by BNTouch users and consist of everything from Holiday to New Lead to Co-Branded Partner campaigns. Any of which can be added to your account with a single click.

  • New Lead Campaigns

    Mortage marketing new lead campaigns
    Find marketing campaigns to follow-up with any type of new lead. You can use the content exchange to find new ideas of how to target your new leads. As well as see what other CRM users are doing to target theirs. With 50+ pre-made campaigns specifically targeting new leads you’ll be converting in no time.

  • Prospects Campaigns

    A prospect can be a warm lead or a potential borrower that has begun the application process, either way this is one of the most important stages in your pipeline. With over 50+ campaigns written to specifically to bring these leads into the application process, you can’t really loose.

  • In-Processing Campaigns

    In-Processing Mortgage Marketing Content
    Tips, tricks and important information are what your potential borrowers will need during the in-processing stage. Fortunately with over 40+ ready to go in-process marketing campaigns already in our content exchange supplying your borrowers with information should be a cinch.

  • Post-Funded Campaigns

    In this phase of the pipeline your goal is to stay top of mind. This category of the content exchange will be full of feedback, holiday and loan anniversary campaigns. 70% of referrals are missed because a past borrowers can’t find your contact information, use the content exchange to make sure that never happens.

  • Long Term Campaigns

    Long Term Mortgage Marketing Content
    Similar to the post-funded marketing yet this is where you’ll begin to let past borrowers know of rate changes and possible refinance opportunities. Turn past borrowers into repeat business with one of our 40+ long term marketing campaigns.

  • Co-Branded Campaigns

    Easily put together a marketing campaign that features the contact info of yourself and one of your real estate agent partners with our co-branded section of the content exchange.

  • Partner Campaigns

    Mortgage Marketing Partner Content
    Take advantage of one of our 30+ campaigns created specifically crafted to bringing in more partners and referral business. Whether it’s real estate agent, financial planner or contractor partners you’re looking for the content exchange has got you covered.

  • Recruiting Materials

    In the Recruiting category you’ll find content based around helping you find new talent for your mortgage office. This section works great in conjunction with many of the other recruiting tools offered with BNTouch.

  • Holiday & Event Campaigns

    Mortgage Marketing Holiday Content
    Just as it sounds this section is chalk full of campaigns specifically written and designed to wish your potential, current and past borrowers the happiest of holidays.

  • Current Market Specials

    Here you will find all sorts of special scenario campaigns as well as many BNTouch designed rate change and low rate reminder campaigns that you can add to your account in one click.

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