Learn about your borrowers and partners
Improve client satisfaction
Collect testimonials

Branded surveys with various responsive designs

Easy to use Survey Builder
It is super easy to add and modify existing surveys. Start collecting vital business information in minutes.
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Automatically schedule survey requests via campaign steps at any point of the mortgage process
Send individual survey requests to any borrower or partner at any time
Fully integrated with CRM
Create unlimited surveys

How much does it cost?

$15 / user / month
Already a BNTouch User? How To Add Module
*Every active CRM account is charged monthly fee if module is enabled


I’ve been very impressed with the support and follow up that I’ve been receiving from your company. Not only has the whole process been made easy but everyone has been on the ball and even proactive in checking in on me to make sure that above all I was getting the help I need. Thank you very much.
Casey Lown Mortgage Advisor

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