Video Marketing For Mortgage Professionals – (Webinar Included)

by Aidan Paringer

In this webinar and article we will highlight a few specific things related to video marketing. First, why you should care. Diving into the jaw dropping stats behind the growing video marketing trend and why it’s important for mortgage pros. We’ll then go into some simple video strategies and go through some examples, followed by a quick discussion of video equipment possibilities. Lastly touching on some of the key video marketing tools with BNTouch’s Mortgage CRM and our brand new video messaging tool that allows you to send personalized video messages to your borrowers. We’ll start with the…

Full Video Marketing For Mortgage Pros Webinar

Enjoy this deep dive into video marketing goodness specifically for the mortgage industry. This webinar includes;

1. Video Marketing Stats (Why You Should Care)
2. Simple Video Strategies & Video Examples
3. Recording Equipment Options
4. Best Ways To Host & Share Videos
5. Utilize Video In BNTouch Campaigns
6. BNTouch’s Video Marketing Section
7. Q & A

Video Marketing Stats – “Why You Should Care”

Mortgage Video Marketing Stats

  • Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before buying
  • 80% of consumers believe demo & explainer videos are helpful
  • Online shoppers who view demo videos are almost 2x as likely to purchase as those who don’t
  • People spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without
  • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others.
  • More than 50% of videos are watched on mobile (think about text size)
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it compared to 10% when reading it
  • By 2020, video will account for 80% of global internet traffic, and 85% in the U.S.
  • 90% of shoppers say they’ve discovered products and brands on YouTube
  • YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of all people on the internet

Video marketing isn’t just coming, it’s already here. Did you know Youtube is the second most used search bar on the internet? Videos will sometimes even show up above regular search results on google as well. If you aren’t implementing at least a basic video marketing strategy you are missing out on business. Potential borrowers, especially millennial, are searching for mortgage info online and watching videos made by mortgage pros like you.

Mortgage Video Marketing Strategy/Tips

Mortgage Video Marketing Strategy
1. Repurpose Content

There is nothing wrong with repackaging content that already exists with your own flare on it. In the marketing industry this is called swiping and is common practice. We recommend starting on youtube and searching around for informational videos that are getting tons of views. Put all those video topics on a list and recreate your own versions of them. If you see someone elses video that’s missing something, create your own that includes it. Take two existing video topics and combine them together. Don’t be afraid to recreate or build off of what else is out there (without directly copying of course). We actually recommend this strategy to businesses that are just getting started with video marketing.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal”
– Pablo Picasso

2. Multi-Channel

There is no such thing as one and done content anymore. If you create a video or find a topic that you think your audience will really like, create multiple pieces of content from it. Your video that breaks down info on how to “get a mortgage with bad credit” can easily be expanded on as a blog article. Your PDF you send to all prospective buyers that breaks down the mortgage process step by step, turn it into a 6 part video series on Youtube. Not only will this allow people to take in your content in the format they prefer, and will also allow your content to show up in more places (and more searches) online.

Pro Tip: If you create a video and piece of written blog content on the same topic, make sure you put the video in your blog and link to the blog post in your video. This is called “interlinking” your content and is a great way to increase your views and get people back to your website from other platforms (like Youtube).

3. Current & Local

Which video would you click on, “Getting The Best Mortgage Rate” or “Getting The Best Mortgage Rate In 2019”? People want content that is current and targeted to them. Nine out of ten people would click the video titled “in 2019”. This is another way you can re-use and update content. Each year go back pick your top performing videos from the previous year. Take these videos and re-do them with any updated information for “2019” or “2020”. This will keep your content current and prevent you from having to constantly come up with new video ideas.

The same goes for local content, since you are in a local business. If you were looking for a home in Chicago would you click a video titled “Getting The Best Mortgage Rate” or “Getting The Best Mortgage Rate In Chicago”? Adding your location or targeting videos by location is a great way to separate yourself from the back. Let’s say you re-did a video on improving credit to get a better mortgage from one of the big guys but remade it so the information was all applied to your local market. This will allow you to create videos with proven content you know will work and separating the content so it’s specific to your local market.

4. Consistency Is Key

As you can see content strategies are all about working smarter and making content work in as many ways as possible. It’s not about re-inventing the wheel but taking what’s working and expanding on it or localizing it to your market. The key to being successful with video marketing is being consistent and keeping it up. The longer you put out consistent content the more you show platforms like youtube, facebook and google that you’re a serious player. All three of these platforms give priority treatment to content creators that put out consistent quality content. So ask yourself “What would this look like if it were easy?”, and come up with a strategy that’s easy enough for you to commit to for at least a year. It’s better to put out one video a month for a year than do one video a week for 3 months.

Mortgage Video Content Ideas

Mortgage Video Content
Here are a few different topic categories and specific topic examples for videos. If you have any good topic ideas please add them in the comments and we’ll put them into this section.

  1. Mortgage Process Explainer Videos
    – Different loan programs explained
    – Each mortgage step explained
  2. Mortgage Mistakes
    – What not to do when applying for loan
  3. First Time Home Buyer Series
    – What to expect as first time home buyer
    – First time home buyer tips
  4. News & Regulation Updates
    – How X,Y & Z regulation will affect your mortgage
    – Interest rate changes & predictions

Equipment Needed

Mortgage Marketing Video Equipment

  1. A Smartphone

One of the primary reasons loan officers fail to start a video marketing strategy for their mortgage business is the matter of equipment. Most assume that you need a good camera, external microphone, a lighting kit, and editing software.

While this inventory of equipment may give you a solid recording studio, all you really need to get started is the high definition video camera that lives in your purse or pocket.

If you already have a video strategy in place and are looking to take it to the next level we have a full piece on video marketing equipment for loan officers that breaks down equipment needed for beginners, intermediate and pro video creators.

Video Marketing With BNTouch

Mortgage Video Marketing With BNTouch
Video marketing is baked into the core DNA of our Mortgage CRM. With social media integrations to post content right from your CRM, to customizable explainer and holiday videos you can send to your borrowers, even record personalized status update videos or blast video messages to your contacts for a more personal touch. The marketing and automation possibilities with this platform are almost endless. If you’re curious about upgrading your CRM you can…

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