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Our Mortgage CRM comes with a suite of tools that are built from the ground up specifically for the mortgage industry.

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Our users have closed $43,774,594,875 in loans over the last two years

We have worked with 2000+ companies

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We offer 25+ powerful tools to help you grow your business

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Introducing Maia, Your Mortgage AI Assistant

Maia can:

  • Create tasks and reminders in your CRM calendar
  • Send texts to your clients and partners
  • Quickly access any data in your CRM (i.e., new leads, funded loans, etc.)
  • Start a campaign from your prompts (i.e., drip campaigns)
  • Guide prospects through the digital 1003 form process
  • Answer prospect and client questions on your website

Maia’s knowledge grows every day through interaction. Request a demo and see all the benefits Maia has to offer.

BNTouch Family

Thanks Keely! I appreciate the quick response.You all are awesome to work with! When we started with BNTouch our process only allowed us to handle about 20 closings a month. Now we’re about 75 a month with basically the same staff.

It took us some time to get the file flow down correctly, but I feel like once we were able to automate our process it really fast tracked our growth.

Manny Fajardo - Owner|President Premier Lending Corp
Residential & Commercial Lending

We have been using BNTouch for just a few weeks now, and we are continually delighted with it. Not only the platform, but also the support. We spent the prior 5 months looking for a replacement for our old ACT database. After two frustrating attempts with other CRM platforms, we discovered BNTouch. Integrations with our other apps were done in hours, not weeks. Some integrations aren't even necessary as BNTouch natively provides so much of what we need. Every day we discover another great feature. Our current favorite is quickly sending off video messages. But the best part of our experience has been the support. Rafael is a rock star!

Kevin M. - Mortgage Loan Officer
CB Loans

BNT helps me stay organized and have all information for loans I am working on in one place at a glance. Very customizable and it is easy to learn and use.

Emily Rohde - Mortgage Loan Processor

My ability to log every action and conversation then send to any or all participants to the loan transaction keeps my incoming calls at a minimum. I love sending birthday and anniversary greetings to my clients. This CRM has set business opportunities at a higher level. Who doesn't want Lifetime customers who are also referring new clients to you.

Francene Lacey - Marketing Director

Our company enjoys that we can put an extended amount of information about our clients. As well as send past, current, and future clients emails for the holidays and special events. Those are a nice touch and the formatting is nice. We also like the graphing shown on the dashboard. It is organized and gives us an idea of where our clients are at.

George Alvarez - Mortgage Lender

Cinco & Cinco LLC Vista Funding Corp

BNTouch has changed the game for our company when it comes to client communications. After switching from our old crm, we have increased email creativity, monitoring capabilities and more. I highly recommend using BNTouch!

Kevin Wells - Mortgage Banking
My Prime Home Loan
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