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Our Mortgage CRM comes with a suite of tools that are built from the ground up specifically for the mortgage industry.

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Never miss a beat with these automated mortgage marketing and management tools for the mortgage crm on the market.

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Our users have closed $43,774,594,875 in loans over the last two years

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BNTouch Family

Keely and the rest of the BNTouch team have been incredibly supportive and responsive getting us set up with them. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with them. It’s a great product, hands off System once you set it up, with unbelievable customer service and an outstanding investment for our company.

Michael Clohessy
Clo Mortgage

This CRM allows customization of groups to place all sorts of relationships including vendors, realtors, and borrowers alike! The marketing campaigns are easy to set up and use and can be tailored to each individual if wanted.

James Taylor - Loan Officer
Empire Mortgage

If you are looking for that all-around CRM that helps you automate lead follow-ups, builds you a website, assists in your recruiting, automates communication with multiple types of referral partners, and so much [more], then you have found the right one. Every loan officer is striving to get that "perfect software stack" to make their process and technology unbeatable. BNTouch not only acts as your CRM, but your beautiful front-paged POS (Yes, they create a website for you at minimal cost ($<35/mo), your marketing (sends postcards, birthday mailers, EDDM, email automation), Docs request and chaser, and many others on your software stack that you would normally have to purchase and integrate frustratingly day after day after day. Stop right now, choose BNTouch, and get back to originating!

Jeremy Leonard - Licensed Mortgage Planner, Homebuying Specialist
Leonard Mortgage Group

I really enjoy the simplicity of one place to keep all parties updated. It is also very convenient to have a secure place for documents to be uploaded/shared.

Kaitlyn Bertone - Loan Processor
NEXA Mortgage

BNTouch has made it so much easier for me to keep my referral partners in the loop. I always enter a new lead’s name and info as it comes in. Any notes are viewable by my partners and they love it! No more losing track or forgetting about what happened to a lead! It also helps that it’s very easy to use.

Michael Mardini - Senior Mortgage Consultant
Doorway Home Loans

BNTouch has helped me tremendously. I have been working as an MLO for 8 years and using BNTouch for 4 of these years. This system seamlessly integrates your point system and allows you to keep in touch with clients and agents thru various campaigns. I recommend this system to anyone who needs a bit more organization and data management for clients.

Mike Orozco-Jansen - Mortgage Banker/Loan Officer
Empire Mortgage

Very ease to use with a ton of automated services. I recommend this to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Mitchell Torongo - Loan Officer
Omega Lending Group

Would highly recommend! Easy to connect with my realtor referrals! That was the most important piece for us.

Patricia Do Rosario - Mortgage Broker
CPAC Mortgage Group

This software automatically interfaces with our Mortgage Software, sending out updates and regular marketing materials. Every time I add a client to the software - it automatically synchronizes with BNTouch and adds them to my database.

Thomas J. Liolos - Mortgage Banker
Paragon Home Loans

Let's be honest, there are a TON of CRMs out there and no shortage to choose from. While there are so many options with so many customizable features available, sometimes going the "simple and effective" route is the best; this is where BNTouch shines. From the simplistic user interface (UI) to the intuitive layout, there isn't much explanation involved when you are getting up and running.

Trey C. Reedy - Mortgage Loan Originator
Stratton Mortgage, LLC
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