Video Marketing Equipment For Loan Officers | What Do You Really Need?

by Aidan Paringer

One of the primary reasons loan officers fail to start a video marketing strategy for their mortgage business is the matter of equipment. Most assume that you need a good camera, external microphone, a lighting kit, and editing software.

While this inventory of equipment may give you a solid recording studio, you don’t really need to have it all to get started. Any equipment you do acquire doesn’t have to cost you thousands.

Let’s break down the video recording needs into beginner, mid-level and advanced, and figure out exactly what you will need to record video for your mortgage business.

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Beginner Level Creator

Beginner Mortgage Video Marketing Equipment
You likely already have most what you need to get started marketing your business with video. In order to record and publish entry-level video, you can get started with:

  1. Your Smartphone

    An iPhone 7 or above is ideal. An android that is two years old or less such as the Galaxy Note 7 or 8 is also more than adequate. The assumption here again, is that you already have some form of smartphone that can record video.

  2. A Tripod W/Phone Adapter

    A tripod with a phone adapter which will set you back only about $14. This will allow you to record yourself without the selfie stick and add more freedom of movement to your video.

  3. A Car Phone Holder

    At times it is convenient to record brief updates while on the go. This inexpensive device will help you do just that for around $10.

As you may already have figured out, social media marketing is critical to your business. It allows you to easily spread your message and connect with your potential customers in a medium they already spend a lot of time on; their mobile devices. For a startup company or an individual loan officer, recording video to post on Social Media, including YouTube, will be a great start.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to post here is a list of 5 mortgage marketing video influencers you can check out.

Vlogging is also a great way to get your name out to your audience, educate them and build a loyal tribe that will invest in your products/services. There are vloggers on YouTube who have become celebrities in their space and their business has exploded as a result of their notoriety. You will find comfort in knowing that vlogging videos can be very low production and still be effective.  

Perhaps you have come across the name Jessica Riffle Edwards. She has become a bit of a Youtube sensation. Nine years ago she put up her first video on Youtube and has consistently posted videos on her channel since. After a couple of years, she became well known enough that she started speaking at Realtor conferences and events, on the topic of video marketing. Needless to say, her business has benefited greatly from her video efforts.

You too can be like Jessica. Using the short list of equipment already mentioned, you can start vlogging and building your online presence today.

Mid-level Creator

Mid-Level Mortgage Video Marketing Equipment
If you are past the entry level videos and ready to present a slightly more polished look with your content, for around $500 you can invest in a couple of pieces of equipment to start transforming your production.

Suggested equipment at this level:

  1. Entry Level Camera

    An entry-level Point-And-Shoot camera such as the Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4K. Cameras in this range give you optical zoom, high-resolution MOS sensors and image stabilizers. These start at around $300.

  2. A Sturdy Tripod

    A sturdy tripod that will have more endurance as you transport it to various locations. These can run as low as $14.00.

  3. A Lav Mic

    A lavalier microphone kit to improve your sound quality, for around $30.

  4. Inexpensive Lighting Kit

    An inexpensive 3 point lighting kit. Invest in this to free yourself of the limitations of night/day and indoor/outdoor settings. A couple lightboxes will open up a lot of opportunities for recording. The Kshioe Photo Pro Studio Lighting kit happens to come with a green screen which is a nice bonus. All of this for less than $60.

Without breaking the bank, these four items will give you what you need to record and produce videos at a new level. The sound on your video and the quality of the footage will be considerably better than your phone’s camera and built-in microphone.

You are now ready to record and upload your video to YouTube without feeling inadequate. You can also record video that you can use for paid ads on Facebook and YouTube.

Pro-Level Creator

Pro Mortgage Video Marketing Equipment
You are beginning to pay more attention to things like precision editing, color grading, using graphics and other elements that create great videos.
If you are in a position to spend a little more money, with less than a thousand dollars you can invest in a nice set of tools to really take your video production to the level that categorizes you as a serious creator. Let’s take a look at what you can get with about a thousand dollars or less.

  1. A DSLR Camera

    A starter mirrorless DSLR camera that can serve as a good video and stills camera. You can find a decent DSLR at around $500.

  2. Wireless Lavalier Microphone

    The convenience of being able to record without having to be right next to the camera is significant. You can record from distances up to 50 feet away with most wireless microphones. A decent wireless microphone can be found for around $50.

  3. A Good Lighting Kit

    Having control of your lighting can have a significant impact on the quality of your videos. 3 point lighting kits can be found for around $150.

  4. Green Screen

    Being able to place your subject on any background is taking video to a new level. If you are a creative type, there are a lot of fun things you can do with that. The best type of video you can make is one that offers “infotainment” – One that educates and entertains at the same time. A green screen will cost around $75, and may also be part of a good lighting kit.

  5. Editing Software

    Taking the time to edit your video allows you to really show a polished image and produce videos that clearly demonstrate you are doing more than just “Run and Gun” production. You can do basic things such as cutting out scenes, add lower thirds, annotations and graphics to help convey your message much more effectively.
    The most popular editing software tools are Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro. The latter is for Apple users, the formers are for both Mac and Windows users. All the editing software is available with monthly subscriptions that start around $35/month. Membership actually gives you access to other assets that can be very useful to your video production as well.
    Other great options for editing with pre-built templates and practically no learning curve are editors such as Wave Video and Wondershare.

  6. A Solid Tripod

    A tripod with a fluid head allows you to do panning shots that are smooth and adds a nice level of production to your shots. You can purchase one of these for around $130.

As you can see, the video production process can be done with inexpensive equipment to get started. As you progress in your video marketing journey, you can improve your skills and equipment. The important part is getting started and you don’t need thousands of dollars in equipment to do that.

One last thing to keep in mind about ANY type of video. The equipment is secondary to some degree. The most important component of your videos is: The Content. Make sure yours is on point and above all, provides value to the viewer.

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