Social Media Mortgage Content – Curated Posts & Memes For Your Business

by Aidan Paringer

We know that you’re busy, and unless you have a marketing team at your back you probably don’t have time to find, write and post consistent social media mortgage content to grow your audience. Don’t worry that’s what your mortgage CRM’s for. You can post onto your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles from a curated selection of mortgage memes, content and news. With just a few clicks you can schedule content out weeks or months in advance. Let your social postings become a set it and forget it operation. You can even connect to Facebook Ads Manager and run Facebook ads directly to your BNTouch leads.

  1. Easily Post From Your CRM

    Social Media Mortgage Content

    Post mortgage news and content to any of your main social pages in just a few clicks. Choose from our selection of custom memes to engage your followers. Select your favorite mortgage news source and create a content feed that works for you. Post curated content directly from BNTouch to provide value to your audience while growing your following with ease.

  2. Schedule Future Content

    Schedule Social Media Mortgage Content

    Scheduling content is one of the most efficient ways to make sure that quality posts are going out regularly. We’ve found that the most effective posting strategy looks something like this…
    Monday – Post a piece of mortgage news to help people get back into the groove after the weekend
    Wednesday – Post a piece of content promoting your business (make it entertaining if you can)
    Friday – Keep it light. Post a piece of fun content like one of our 50+ custom mortgage memes.

  3. Integrate With Facebook Advertising
    Integrate Mortgage CRM With Facebook

    Target all of your leads and prospects with ads while they’re in the process of making the buying decision or promote refinance opportunities to your past clients using our Facebook Advertising Integration. On the flip side any leads that you receive from your Facebook ads will be automatically added to your lead pipeline in BNTouch. You can learn more about our Facebook Advertising Integration here.

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