Send Personal Video Messages To Your Borrowers

by Aidan P

Update 6/7/19: Add Videos To Campaigns & Send To Groups Of Borrowers

You can now add personalized videos directly to your marketing campaigns that will send out automatically. Create a welcome video for new leads, a mortgage process info video for your prospects or a happy loan anniversary video for your past borrowers right from your CRM. These videos can be added to your marketing campaigns and sent to any group of your contacts with the click of a button.

One of our biggest goals is providing our customers with the tools to stand out. Today we release the next tool to help you do that. You can now use BNTouch to send personalized video messages to your borrowers. The tool¬†will allow you to record a quick video directly from BNTouch and send it to one of your contacts by email or text message. The idea is to add a more personal touch to your marketing and status updates. Imagine sending a quick 30 second personalized video to a borrower letting them know they’re pre-approved or clear to close rather than a text heavy email.

To send a personalized video you can follow along with this walk through or follow the step by step instructions below.


How Send Personalized Videos:

  1. Find the record you’d like to send a video to and hit the “Contact” button. From the drop-down select “Send Video Message”.
    bntouch mortgage video tool
  2. Next you will compose your video message with the following options:
    A) Choose who in your office your video message will be coming from. This will effect the return address or contact number the email or text is sent from.
    B) If there are other parties involved you’d like to receive this video message you can add more recipients by hitting the “Add Recipient” button. For example you can make a notification video and want it to go out to any partners or co-borrowers as well they can be added here.
    C) You’ll then decide the delivery method of the video message. By default it’ll be sent as an email but if you have the BNTouch Voice Module activated you’ll be able to send videos to your borrowers and partners by text message as well.
    D) Set the subject line for the email containing your video message. If you’re notifying someone of a pre-approval let them know this message is about that.
    E) You have the option here to record a new video or select a pre-recorded video from your library. All videos can be saved to your library to be used later, or not. You can make an evergreen video that can be sent over and over to different borrowers or you can make a special video for each borrower that mentions them by name to add that personal touch.
    F) This is where you’ll write a brief (or not so brief) message to accompany your video.
    G) You also have the option here to attach a document. If this video is to congratulate a borrower on being pre-approved you can actually attach the pre-approval letter to the message.
    Mortgage Video Tool
    Once complete you can then “Discard” the email if you decide it’s not necessary. “Send Test” to send to yourself or someone on your team and make sure it looks how you want it. Or “Send” the video message to your desired recipients.
  3. Your video message will then be placed in a portal link and will open up in a borrower or partner portal. This will mean the video will play in a webpage that is personally branded to you and your business. It will also feature a “Login To My Portal” button, allowing the recipient to login to their portal to upload/sign docs or check their loan status right from the video message.
    Mortgage Status Update Video

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