Mortgage CRM Surveys | Automatically Collect & Share Testimonials

by Aidan Paringer

Mortgage CRM Surveys can be a powerful tool to improving the performance of your messaging and engagement with potential and past borrowers.

Here are a few ways in which you can use mortgage crm surveys and unleash their power onto your business.

*Update: You can now share your surveys, reviews and testimonials collected from BNTouch directly to your social media profiles. Click here to learn more.

How Can You Use Mortgage Surveys?

There are many ways to use surveys in your mortgage business. Start by sending a survey to your past borrowers to collect testimonials that can be used on your website & social. Though you can also use them to study your teams performance and learn more about your leads.

  1. Collect Testimonials

    Collect mortgage testimonials
    Send a survey to your past borrowers to collect a bulk of testimonials. Testimonials can be used on your website, social media pages and other marketing efforts for even more credibility. These testimonials are incredibly valuable. Try adding one to your email signature or in marketing emails. If we read the reviews before buying a $20 laptop mouse on Amazon. Then you bet we’ll want to read some reviews before we move forward with a mortgage professional or loan officer! Use mortgage crm survey’s to collect testimonials and close more loans.

  2. Improve Client Satisfaction
    Improve mortgage client satisfaction

    Setup a survey to be automatically sent once the loan process is completed. Use this survey to find out how you did post transaction in your borrowers eyes. This can supply you with valuable insight into how better to serve your clients. Make sure you listen to this feed back though, if taken to heart implemented feedback can lead to more referrals.

  3. Study Your Team’s Performance

    Study mortgage office performance

    A post transaction survey can collect data on how your team has performed monthly, quarterly or after each mortgage. Therefore when you accumulate the info from a months worth of surveys sent to all borrowers your team has worked with you’ll be able to see which team member is providing the most value to your borrowers. A simple “how would you rate your interaction with us” on a one to ten scale can give your team monthly average performance scores that can be used to reward top performers.

  4. Learn More About Your Leads & Borrowers

    Learn more about mortgage leads & borrowers

    Use surveys to gauge how your leads or borrowers feel about specific marketing campaigns, tactics or strategies you’ve employed. Ran a new campaign to a new demographic? Ask them how they like the campaign and if they find value in it with a survey. Add another open ended questions to your mortgage crm surveys like “what did you like or not like about this campaign” to get specific recommendations about what your borrowers want to see.

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Easy To Create & Implement

  1. Activate Surveys on Your Account

    First of all this can easily be done through the modules section on your account.
    Activate mortgage crm surveys

  2. Create New Survey

    From you’re newly added survey section (within the Marketing tab) you’ll be able to easily view, edit and remove your current surveys along with add new ones.
    create mortgage crm surveys

  3. Add Survey Questions

    Creating surveys is as simple as choosing your template, naming it, adding your questions and hitting save. Due to changing business needs, all surveys and questions can be edited and revised after they are created.
    add mortgage crm survey questions

  4. Apply Survey To Campaign

    Finally you can add any finished surveys to your marketing campaigns or communications with the click of a button.
    add survey to mortgage marketing campaign

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