Mortgage Borrower Marketing & Partnership Management

by Aidan P

With our mortgage borrower marketing and partner management software you can stay organized, stay top of mind and stay converting. Use our borrower and partner pipelines to organize everyone you communicate with by what part of the loan or partnership journey they are in.

Mortgage Borrower Marketing & Management

  1. Stay Organized With Lead Pipelines

    mortgage borrower marketing
    As potential borrowers come in to your CRM and move through their customer journey, you can organize them by leads, prospects, applications, in-processing, funded, cancelled or follow ups. This will allow you to stay up to date with where all of your borrowers are in the loan process and allow you to craft your messaging to fit with where a borrower is in their journey. Never again miss a call with a prospect or an opportunity to congratulate a past borrower on their loan anniversary.

  2. Never Miss A Beat With The Communication Tracker

    mortgage borrower marketing
    Track all communication with a borrower from the moment they fill out the form on your website to their 10 year loan anniversary. See what’s been said, sent and replied to so you can always easily pick up right where you left off. You can even make notes if there’s something you’d like to remind yourself of. Learn more about the tracker here.

  3. Utilize Our Lead Distribution System

    BNTouch is equipped with an intelligent lead intake and distribution system. Once a lead is received, the distribution engine will read the information associated with that lead and determine which LO or sales agent to assign that lead to.

  4. In-Processing Notifications

    To get repeat business, you need to make sure your clients are impressed with your service during the transaction. BNTouch allows you to stay on top and immediately notify borrowers, Realtors and other participants about status changes on their loans.

Partner & Referral Management

  1. Partner Portals & Apps

    With our partner portals and apps your partners can submit new leads right into BNTouch, see status updates and submit feedback from their own custom branded online portal. Realtors love our partner portals and apps because they have constant access to all participated transactions as well as immediate notifications about status changes in transactions and updates from Loan Officers. This feature will make you stand out!

  2. Stay Organized With Partner Pipelines

    From the moment a business card is collected until they become your preferred partner, keep your partners organized with these pipelines. Business card collected, interested, active partners, preferred partners, terminated, vendors and even friends & family pipelines can keep help you target your messaging, marketing and increase your referrals month over month.

  3. Referral Tracking & Management

    It is proven that you will increase referrals from your partners if you have a system in place that allows you to stay organized and communicate efficiently during the process. BNTouch allows not only that, but also track referrals both ways to see which partner is your best referral source. Find out who are your most participating partners and start solidifying relationship with them. BNTouch has all the tools needed to build a successful business that does not rely on buying leads.

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