Mortgage Leads for Brokers: Boost Business

by Chris Brown

You know that success relies heavily on generating mortgage leads for brokers in the mortgage business. Drawing in new clients and nurture relationships with the clients you already have might sound simple, but growing a business requires you to spin many plates at one time. For instance, you need to simultaneously stay up-to-date with current loan applications, customer questions, marketing, and your company’s website and social media pages.

Fortunately, there’s a tool that streamlines everything you need to run a successful brokerage business: a customer relationship management (CRM) system. When it comes to generating and closing mortgage leads for brokers, quality CRM software is a necessity. Here are some of the benefits a CRM can offer your business.

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Interactive Client Portals

Online account management isn’t just convenient for your clients. It also saves you time. Many quality CRMs offer borrower portals where your clients can check their application statuses, make payments, upload documents, and more. Because your clients can access their accounts 24/7, they won’t have to call or email you with questions.


Mortgage Leads for Brokers: Automated Marketing Campaigns

Larger firms often have an entire marketing team dedicated to generating qualified mortgage leads for brokers. However, if you have a smaller firm, you’re likely in charge of your own digital marketing. A good CRM can take the guesswork out of the marketing process with pre-made marketing campaigns. Here are some of the content templates you’ll find:

  • Weekly and monthly market updates
  • Pre-made email campaigns
  • Birthday and anniversary ecards
  • Personalized refinance analysis reports
  • Social media content
  • Explainer videos
  • Email newsletters

You don’t have to have any marketing experience to use templates like these. Just plug in your information, and you’ll be ready to go.

Many CRMs also allow you to set up targeted text and email marketing messages. High-end CRMs frequently use an intelligent system that analyzes client data and automatically sends certain texts and emails when appropriate.

For example, when someone first signs up for your email newsletter, the system can automatically send them a text and an email. Of course, almost everyone is bombarded with texts and emails on a daily basis, so it’s important to make sure that some of what you send is clearly helpful to your customers.

Application status updates are a shining example of helpful texts/emails your clients are sure to appreciate. Whether they’re tracking a package or eagerly waiting for their mortgage application to be approved, everyone likes a status update.

Lastly, you can even use the text and email marketing features to reach out to past borrowers. When your CRM tracks how long it’s been since a client took out a mortgage, you can program the system to send out refinance reminders. When you do so, you might accompany the messages with a helpful video or infographic explaining why refinancing is a path they should consider.

Mortgage Leads for Brokers

Collaboration With Your Whole Team

Closing a loan with the help of your team doesn’t have to be complicated. Your CRM makes it easy for every team member to access relevant documents and communicate about them in real-time. As a result, there’s no need to download, edit, and email.

Centralized Client Information

Generating mortgage leads for mortgage loan officers and mortgage brokers is only part of the process. To successfully close, you’ll also need to deliver prompt, professional service to all of your clients and would-be clients. 

However, it can be difficult to keep track of where each client is in the sales funnel. A quality CRM lets you store and access each client’s data in one place. With a single click, you can access critical information such as:

  • Loan applications
  • Credit scores
  • Contact information
  • Any previous contacts or conversations you’ve had with the client

Being able to quickly access client information saves you time. It also makes it easier to personalize your interactions and make a good impression.

AI Chatbot

AI-Powered Chatbots

Have you ever asked a question on a website using a built-in AI chatbot? Many people have. When you did, you might have appreciated how quickly the chatbot answered your question or the fact that it could answer it outside of business hours.

However, AI chatbots aren’t purely for the convenience of customers. They’re also a great way to generate mortgage leads for brokers.

How? Here’s an example. Suppose that Joe finds your website and asks your chatbot what credit score he needs to be approved for a mortgage. In the course of answering the question, the chatbot asks Joe about his age, his credit score, and whether he is considering purchasing a house in the near future. It also asks for his email address.

Your CRM software gathers and stores that data for you. Then, you can reach out to Joe the following day to see if he’s interested in applying for a mortgage with you.

Website Creation Support

You might already be familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and how it’s an instrumental part of generating organic mortgage leads for brokers. If you have a high quality website or landing page with appropriate SEO content, potential clients might find your site while searching for information about mortgages — even if they weren’t specifically searching for brokers. 

Having a website is important, but creating and maintaining one takes more time and effort than many people realize. However, high-end CRM systems make it possible to create a professional website in just a few minutes. Most include website templates, automatic page optimization, and even integration with Google Analytics so you can track performance and make adjustments as necessary.

Website creation

E-Signature Capabilities and Customizable Digital Forms

Before the dawn of the e-signature, mortgage paperwork was a lot more complicated. Now, when it comes time to close, you can simply use an e-sign template and send your client the document to sign right from your CRM.

That said, processing e-signatures in this way isn’t only convenient. It also offers a layer of added security. By keeping the mortgage documents in the CRM — instead of downloading and sending them via email — you reduce the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. Furthermore, you, your team, and your clients can sign in and view e-signed documents anytime.

It’s not just the final signature that’s digitized, however. Most CRMs let you send applicants a customized digital 1003 as well. 

Before sending the form to your client, you can remove unnecessary fields to make the process faster and easier. Your clients will be able to fill out the 1003 via the customized client portal. Best of all, virtually every CRM lets the client save their progress, take a break, and come back to finish filling out the form.

One-Click Social Media Posts

It’s easy to forget the importance of social media when it comes to generating mortgage leads for brokers. Most social media experts suggest that businesses maintain active profiles on multiple social platforms. Many such platforms make this easier by allowing business owners to schedule posts in advance. 

Still, on a daily basis, you’re usually juggling numerous other tasks as well. This can make it challenging to consistently log into Facebook, Instagram, and other sites. 

Because social media is such a key part of any company’s success, many CRM platforms let you design stunning visuals and other social media content. Then, they allow you to post them right from your CRM. Build trust and authority with your followers when you share insightful infographics, helpful industry trend reports, and eye-catching explainer videos.

Customer surveys

Customized Surveys

Do you want to make your business the best it can be? Soliciting feedback from your customers is a great place to start. Sure, Google reviews offer you general feedback, but have you ever wished you could get more specific customer input?

Many quality CRM software systems offer just that. They allow you to create customized surveys so you can get the exact feedback you need. You don’t have to remember to send out surveys, either. Most CRMs will let you create surveys for each step of the mortgage pipeline, and the system will automatically send each customer a survey once they’ve completed the relevant step.


Valuable Analytics Tools

It’s easy to be impressed by CRM software’s seemingly endless functions. But one often-overlooked function is also one of the most important: analytics. CRMs gather and store a gold mine of data on your customers, your loan products, and just about every other metric you could think of. When you leverage your system’s analytic capabilities, you can find the answers to questions like:

  • Which of your lead-generation techniques is working best?
  • Which loan product is the most popular?
  • Which team member is the most productive?
  • What is the biggest complaint your customers have about your business?
  • What is the thing your customers like best about your business?

You don’t have to be a data scientist to reap the benefits of built-in analytics tools. Many systems like Google Analytics for example, offer helpful visualizations. That way, even people with no background in data analysis can understand the insights and what they mean.

Generate Leads and Transform Your Workflow With BNTouch

Mortgage CRM tools have long been an outstanding way to generate mortgage leads for brokers. The right one can even transform your business for the better. However, not all CRMs are created equal. BNTouch helps you automate key processes while still giving clients the individual attention they deserve.

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