Collect Leads From Your Listing Agents | New Open House Tool

by Aidan Paringer

Do you ever wish there was an easier way for your listing agents to collect leads from their open houses? Well now they can with the new Open House Form. We’ve added a button to all partner portals that allows you or any of your listing agent partners to easily create a lead form. This form form can quickly generated on an iPad or tablet during open houses to collect leads. As always we’ve made this form as simple as possible to create, integrate and open.

(This is a video will show your listing agent
partner how to use the open house form)


Check out the brief tutorial below to learn how to start using Open House Forms today!

Collect Mortgage Leads From Your Listing Agents

  1. Open The Appropriate Partner Portal

    Open Partner Portal | BNTouch
    From the appropriate record you can open your shared portal by clicked the “Click to Visit” link next to the tracker. Since this is a shared portal you can also invite a listing agent or other partner to this portal and they’ll be able to create the open house form as well.

  2. Click The “Open House Form” Button

    Open House Form
    Once you’re in the portal you’ll see a button in the top right that says “Open House Form”. That will take you to our easy to use form generator. Want to learn more about portals? You can do so here.

  3. Build Your Form

    Open House Form Builder
    You’ll now be in the form generator.
    A. You’ll start by naming your form. We recommend you name each form with the address of the open house. That way you’ll know which form is associated with which open house.
    B. You’ll then select from the drop down which type of partner the form is for (or if they’re creating they’ll select which type of partner they are).
    C. The form comes automatically set with 12 form fields so that these can be created as quickly as possible. If you’d like to edit the fields click the “Modify Fields” link. You may delete, edit, add or make certain fields required.
    D. Finally you’ll select from one of our five beautiful templates and hit the “Generate Page” button.

  4. Start Collecting Leads

    Open House Lead Form
    The form you just created should then pop up in a new tab. If you’ve created this form on an iPad or Tablet the you can leave it out at an open house and begin collecting leads. Once someone fills out the form it will let them know in a popup window that their information was collect. The form will then reset back to blank. This enables the form to be left out at an open house all day collecting leads.

  5. Watch The Leads Roll In

    Open House Form Leads
    Anyone who fill out the form will be added to your BNTouch lead pipeline in real time. You’ll be able to see all of the information they entered onto the form. The name of the form will be the leads source. If you named your form around the address of the property. All leads from that form will have the address in their source. You’ll then be able to created automated marketing campaigns around the leads you received from a specific open house.

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