Boost Business in 2022 with These 5 Mortgage Marketing Strategies

by Tomi Pironti

As a mortgage loan officer, you get the privilege of guiding your clients through one of the biggest decisions of their lives. But first, you’ll need to find a way to connect with your target audience. Here are five mortgage marketing strategies in 2022 that you can use to boost business.

1. Capture Information with a “Lead Magnet”

To generate effective leads, you’ll need to convince potential clients to share their contact details. One way to do that is by offering a “lead magnet” on your mortgage broker website to boost your mortgage marketing strategies in 2022.

A lead magnet can be anything that you offer in exchange for a customer’s name, email address, or other information. For example, you might write a short eBook titled Tips for First-Time Homebuyers.

By offering something of value, you stand a better chance of capturing customer data.

2. Pursue Omnichannel Marketing

These days, your customer base can be found all over the digital map. That means you’ll need to market through as many channels as possible, including:

  • A website that is clean and easy to navigate
  • Social media channels that are relevant to your target market
  • Email marketing

This can be a lot to juggle. That’s why a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform can help you stay organized and on top of your communications.

3. Create Custom Video

In the mortgage business, it’s all about relationships. Help your clients connect to you more personally through a custom video.

A high-quality video might serve as a useful introduction to your webpage. Shorter videos might be good additions to your email marketing and could become shareable content on your social media pages.

4. Build a Network

Mortgage loan officers are part of a larger network of industry professionals. Build relationships with others in your area, such as:

  • Accounting firms that buy real estate property
  • Appraisers and real estate attorneys
  • Real estate agencies

These relationships can help you find new leads, and you can also offer partnerships that offer mutual benefit.

You can connect with these individuals by contacting them through their websites or social media pages. You can also build a network by attending events and trade shows in your area.

5. Listen to Feedback

Your clients can often be some of your greatest assets. Asking for customer reviews can help you learn more about what you’re doing well. Listening to their feedback can also highlight ways in which you might improve your mortgage marketing strategies in 2022.

Client reviews can also be a great marketing tool. You can showcase the most popular reviews on your website or social media pages. You might also contact these clients and ask if you can share their “success stories.” This is an intricate part of a mortgage marketing strategy in 2022.

This will help you learn and adapt as you go while helping future clients understand what your process will look like.

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