The Benefits of Mortgage CRM Software for Lenders

by Tomi Pironti

The mortgage brokerage industry has become more competitive than ever before. In light of this, mortgage brokers must strive to set themselves apart. They should offer a seamless lending process. Great customer service and consistent communication with their clients are also important. But this is often easier said than done.

Loan officers like yourself juggle many responsibilities during any given workday. Despite your best efforts, you may forget things. It’s important not to miss following up with quality leads. Sending out a birthday message to past clients is also easy to overlook. 

Specialized customer relationship management software for lenders can help avoid these issues. Below, we explore the benefits of a lender-specific CRM solution. We look at what impact it can have on your business. Let’s get started.

What Is CRM Software for Loan Officers?

Mortgage CRM creating a partnership between to business partners

A CRM platform is a comprehensive program. It’s designed to help you manage customer relationships. The software will provide you with easy access to important data. Data like client contact information, loan statuses, documents, emails, and more. A mortgage CRM will serve as your one-stop-shop for all vital customer information.

But the best CRM platforms do much more than merge your data. These solutions often include automated marketing tools, birthday alert reminder functions, and more. With the right CRM software in your corner, you and your loan officers can dominate your region.

Benefits of CRM Software for Mortgage Brokers

Now that you know what CRM software for mortgage brokers is, let’s turn our attention to the benefits of this leading-edge technology. By investing in great CRM software, you can:

Enhance Knowledge of Customers

If your team is not currently using a CRM solution, then client contact data is likely spread across several different mediums. This “old-school” approach works fine when you are managing only a couple of clients. But it will fail as you attempt to get new clients and expand your business.

A CRM solution for mortgage brokers will serve as your own personal “cheat sheet.” Anytime you need to look up information on a client or lead, you can do so with a few quick taps on the keyboard.

Making this information more accessible will give you extra time to follow up with prospects or contact quality leads. A great CRM will also assist with front-facing activities. Some of these activities include managing email campaigns and tracking requests for information.

Improve Audience Segmentation

“Audience segmentation” is the practice of dividing your target audience into smaller categories. This approach allows you to connect with clients, past customers, and quality leads more effectively. Top-tier CRMs streamline audience segmentation so that you can group contacts by type.

For instance, you can filter your search results to include leads when attempting to get new customers. If you want to launch an email drip campaign that advertises refinancing services, you can use search filters to locate past clients only.

In short, audience segmentation allows you to be more relatable to your audience. You should not send an email geared towards past clients to prospects and vice versa. Instead, you can adjust your messaging when you know which type of customer you are addressing. 

Increase Client Retention

Mortgage CRM creating a sales funnel with many people from different ways of mortgage marketing

Mortgage officers should not worry about client retention, right? Wrong! Client retention is an important aspect of sustaining and growing your lending business. But far too many lenders overlook past clients in their quest to attract new customers. This oversight often occurs because lenders do not have enough time to contact everyone.

Once again, a high-quality CRM for lenders provides the perfect solution. A CRM platform allows your team to manage all client relationships, both past, and present. 

CRM software will include handy tools such as birthday and refinance alerts. These tools will ensure that you never forget to send out that important “happy birthday” or “You are eligible for refinancing” message.

By staying in contact with previous clients, you can keep your business “top of mind.” When they need mortgage lending services again in the future, your company will be their first call.

Proactively reaching out to past customers can also encourage them to take action when they wouldn’t have otherwise. For example, some customers do not track interest rates and refinance opportunities. You can teach clients how to save money and potentially earn repeat business by sending them alerts. Everybody wins.

Provide More Consistent Communication

The mortgage lending industry is a customer service business. A great customer service experience will ensure that clients leave your office happy and satisfied. But offering poor service can cost your business.

One of the biggest pain points that affect customer satisfaction is poor communication. If you or your loan officers fail to follow up with information requests, you may lose out on potential clients. 

Bad communication in the lending process may cause clients to pull their loan requests and seek out services elsewhere. Customers may endure poor communication. But they might then leave your business negative reviews or tell their friends about their experience.

A CRM solution for lenders can significantly improve your team’s ability to stay in contact with clients. Such a platform will allow lenders and other parties to communicate with clients across multiple mediums. 

The CRM allows your team to transition between email, SMS, social platforms, and push notifications, all from a single app. This omnichannel approach ensures that they never miss a client message. They always have the opportunity to respond on time.

Speed Up the Approval Process

Mortgage CRM closed a loan on a home with two men shaking hands in front of a bank

The best CRM solutions also include digital document management tools. These tools will improve and simplify the borrower experience by submitting documents online. 

Each time a borrower submits a form via their unique portal, loan officers will receive an instant push notification. This feature allows them to quickly review the document, request more information, or take other action to process the loan.

Transitioning from traditional processing methods to a digital document platform is the most effective way to expedite loan approval. This feature will help your team become more competitive within your region. It will also allow each loan officer to increase productivity, as they will be able to process more loans than ever before.

Build and Protect Brand Reputation

In the mortgage industry, your brand reputation is everything. It will take months or years to correct if you develop a negative reputation. In the meantime, you may lose out on dozens, if not hundreds, of clients.

CRM software for lenders will allow your business to build and protect its brand reputation. Using this technology to its true potential, you can process loans faster, communicate better, and enhance productivity. Your loan officer will quickly become known as one of the fastest and friendliest within your region.

What to Look for in a Great Mortgage CRM

When searching for a Mortgage CRM for your business, ensure that the developer offers:

Scaled, Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing is always a great sign. Especially when searching for a CRM provider. The best Mortgage CRM developers offer scaled pricing. This pricing covers individual loan officers, teams, and enterprises. 

Most prices increase based on the total number of users your business has. But they often offer discount plans for enterprises with many loan officers.

A Free Demo

Who doesn’t like to try before they buy? That’s why we recommend seeking out a CRM solution that offers a free demo. Businesses that provide free demos are confident in their products’ capabilities and design.

A demo will give you time to explore the software. While doing this, you can learn how adopting the software would affect your workflow. If the software is well designed, it will be able to adapt to your existing workflow. It will provide process improvements at the same time. 

The demo will help you decide whether the fit is right. You should know without a doubt if a particular software platform is the right fit for your business.


A CRM with tons of integrations will ease data sharing between apps. Your calendar, email, and other apps should all be accessible. When shopping around for CRM software, find out what integrations it offers. Remember, the more integrations, the better.


Top-tier CRM solutions for lenders also offer several automation tools. These tools allow your team to automate redundant tasks. Things like sending out marketing email campaigns, distributing leads, and more. Automation software will save your team time. Then, they can spend more time interacting with clients.

Experience the Power of CRM for Lenders with BNTouch

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