Introducing The Document Library

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Share mortgage documents with the new Docs Library. The Docs Library allows documents and flyers to be uploaded under your BNTouch marketing tab. Docs can be printed or downloaded by anyone in your office. This will allow you to keep document formats uniform for all users and stages of the loan process.

With the Docs Library you can…
Share Flyers

Share Mortgage Documents
Have a new flyer that you use to promote your business? Easily share it with the rest of your office by uploading it into your BNTouch Docs library.

Upload Document Templates

Share Mortgage Documents
Make sure everyone in your office is using the correct version of any documents by uploading them into your offices BNTouch Docs Library. Docs can be printed directly from the library and also saved to your computer.

Personalize Documents With Meta-Tags

Share Mortgage Documents
Create your documents to be easily implemented throughout your office with Meta-Tags. Use ##CLIENT_NAME## to automatically insert the correct clients name into any document or communication being sent from within BNTouch. You can see a full list of
available Meta-Tags here.

If you are BNTouch administrator, please reach out to to activate this feature.

Not a BNTouch user? Learn how you can share mortgage documents with your team.

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