Mortgage CRM App – Take Your Mortgage Business With You

by Aidan Paringer

As more and more of our business becomes digital it’s becoming more important than ever that we can take that business with us, on planes, in hotels or on the go we can respond to emails and do the things necessary to make our business run. Well with BNTouch’s Mortgage CRM App we’ve made that a central focus point of our CRM, and we have two different mobile apps that help you facilitate and grow your business to this growing digital and mobile marketplace.

  1. Empower Your Borrowers & Partners on Mobile.

    BNTouch Mortgage CRM App
    With our Mortgage Circles App which can be found on the App Store and Google Play will allow you to take the power of your borrower & partner portals on mobile. Send push notifications  about your borrowers loan status directly to their phones. Allow your borrowers to submit documents and upload signatures while their on the go. Give your partners the power to submit leads to you from their phone and track how many leads they’ve submitted. The Mortgage Circles App brings you and your borrowers the convenience that comes with getting a mortgage loan from anywhere.

    Check it out on the App Store.

    Check it out on the Play Store.

  2. Use Your CRM On The Go

    BNTouch Mortgage CRM App
    With our fully featured BNTouch Mortgage CRM App you can take your CRM with you anywhere you go! See an overview of your tasks, to do’s and birthday reminders that you can call with one tap. View lead, funded loan and lead source reports right from your phone. Add contacts directly from business cards with the scan business card feature and respond to important messages all on the go. Turn the BNTouch Mortgage CRM App into your mobile office and grow your business from anywhere!

    Check it out on the App Store

    Check it out on the Play Store

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