Mortgage Text Marketing – Maximize Your Marketing With BNTouch Voice

by Aidan Paringer

Have you tried mortgage text marketing? Send Text, picture messages and much more with BNTouch Voice. This module is fully integrated with your marketing campaigns and can be triggered automatically to your partners, borrowers or leads.

“Only been using a few months but one feature that has really helped is the texting feature. People in my database that would never respond to email or calls will send a quick text and we have all that info in one place and automated.”
– Chad R

What can you do with BNTouch Voice?

Update 8/6/2020: Keyword Based Marketing Campaigns

mortgage text marketing keywords
Have you seen any marketing out there that says “Text X to X Number and Receive X!”?

You can now create marketing campaigns that will automatically start when someone texts you a specific keyword that you set. Have an infographic for first time homebuyers? Have potential leads text you “Buying My First Home” and your CRM will automatically start marketing to them and send the infographic. Want to send the current rates to anyone who texts you “rates”, you can. Have a seperate marketing campaign for veterns? Have veteran buyers text you “I’m a veteran” and your CRM will automatically put them in your veteran marketing campaign.

Request a demo to see the feature in action today and start doing more with BNTouch text message marketing.

Update 2/10/2020: Collect Leads Through Text

collect mortgage leads from text messages
Have you seen any text marketing campaigns online that say “text XXX-XXXX for more info”, then when you text the number you get automated updates, brochures or a link?

You can now create campaigns like these with BNTouch. We’ve updated the BNTouch Voice Module so that when a text comes in from an unknown number it is added into your CRM as a lead. You’ll then be able to create text marketing campaigns that go out to these leads automatically.

1. Send Direct Messages To Any Phone

Mortgage Text Marketing 1 Texts have a 98% open rate as compared to their ancient email counterpart which are opened 23% of the time. A quick text sent out from one of your marketing campaigns can let a client know of an important update quickly. Easily open a chain of communication with a lead or let a realtor partner know you’ve just gotten them a new lead. Texting is an incredibly powerful tool for your mortgage business and one you should be taking advantage of.

2. Send Flyers & Receive Messages Directly Into Your CRM

Mortgage Text Marketing 2 Send a picture (using MMS) of your newest refinance flyer directly to your past clients phones and close more deals. Or receive important documents as picture messages directly to your BNTouch platform. Eliminate to the need to scan, print and fax documents everything can now be done easily from your clients phone!

3. Stop Repeating Yourself – Pre-record Voice Messages

Mortgage Text Marketing 3Save yourself from making the same call over and over and over again with a pre-recorded voice message. You can record a greeting once that will automatically send to new leads introducing them to your business, or set a recording to go out one year after your clients first loan to notify them of refinancing opportunities. With BNTouch’s automated marketing platform and pre-recorded voice messages the possibilities are endless.

4. Get On A Call With Just 1 Click
Mortgage Text Marketing - Click To Call

Get right to business with the ability to call any contact in your CRM with a single click. Just find the borrower or partner you’re looking for, click their phone number and you’ll be on a call with them right then and there. Save time using the BNTouch Voice Click To Call feature.

5. Include A Personal Touch

Mortgage Text Marketing 5 People are twice as likely to engage with your messaging if it includes their name or personal info. With BNTouch meta tags you can include your recipient’s name, loan amount and property address to make your messages both personal and effective  You can even add personal info and meta tags to your voice messages with our integrated text-to-speech processor. If you haven’t yet, we urge you to try out our meta tags feature today.

Ready To See What Mortgage Text Marketing Can Do For Your Business?

Mortgage Text Marketing – Maximize Your Marketing With BNTouch Voice,

Mortgage Text Marketing – Maximize Your Marketing With BNTouch Voice,

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We also offer a mass dialer by Phone Burner.


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