BNTouch Mobile Mortgage CRM App – New Features & User Interface

by Aidan Paringer

We’ve just released a brand new Mobile Mortgage CRM App. This update includes tons of new features and even a redesigned UI to make things easier to use. The biggest of these updates being the integration of our mortgage AI assistant, Maia. The BNTouch mobile app gives you access to almost all of your CRM functions on the go. Giving you the ability to run and grow your mortgage business from anywhere. Check out our walk through video and new feature breakdowns below!

What’s New On The Mobile Mortgage CRM App?

  1. New Design

    New design bntouch app
    The entire app was redesigned in order to make things simpler, cleaner and easier to find. You’ll be able to find new menus, tabs and icons that will make using your mobile CRM easier than it’s ever been.

  2. Maia Integration

    BNTouch maia app integration
    The worlds first Mortgage AI Assistant, Maia, is now fully integrated into your mobile CRM. She can access your borrowers loan info, send texts, schedule reminders and much more. You’ll be able to chat with Maia in the app, ask her questions through the new Siri integration, or directly using your voice with speech to text recognition.

  3. Full Record Info Fields

    Custom record fields bntouch mobile app
    You asked for it and we added it. You can now access and edit all custom fields within any record in your mobile CRM. Everything from contact info, to loan info, to property info will now be fully accessible through the app.

  4. Contact Actions Menu

    Send emails, texts, postcards or video messages from anywhere with contact actions menu that will be accessible with any record in your mobile CRM. You’ll always just be a few taps away from contacting your borrowers, partners or anyone else through the app.

  5. Docs Library Integration

    BNTouch doc library mobile app integration
    That’s right you’ll now be able to access and attach any flyer pdf’s or documents from your CRM’s Document Library directly from your mobile CRM. Just add an attachment in any email and you can select to add from your documents.

  6. Compose Emails

    Compose emails with bntouch app
    You can now write and send emails right from your mobile CRM. Need to send a follow-up email to a new lead? Send a loan status update to a borrower? Confirm a lunch meeting with a new Realtor partner? No problem it can all be done through the app.

  7. Send Text Messages

    BNTouch mobile app text message integration
    View all your past threads and send text messages right from the app. Your mobile CRM with the addition of BNTouch Text & Call Addon will now give you full access to text messaging your leads, borrowers and partners with ease.

  8. Send Video Messages

    BNTouch mobile app video messaging
    You can now record and send video messages right from your mobile CRM. Want to add that personal touch to your messaging? Pull up your app and record of quick video congratulating a borrower on their loan being funded right from you app, within minutes.

  9. Send Postcards

    BNTouch mobile app mail marketing
    Just as easily as sending a text, email or video message you’ll now be able to send off a quick postcard to a potential or past borrower. With the BNTouch Mail Addon you’ll be able to select from tons of pre-made custom postcard templates for any occasion; birthday, loan anniversary or even upload a custom card design of your own. Mail marketing for the 21st century.

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