BNTouch Dialer is Now Available

by Marketing Team

Today we are happy to release BNTouch Dialer by PhoneBurner. Now you can dial dozens of clients in a matter of minutes, leave pre-recorded voicemail messages and send emails based on the call outcome!

Dialer seamlessly records the outcome of your calls into the records’ Tracker. It records all notes you make during calls in its dialing interface so you have a clear picture of who was contacted, when and what the outcome of the call was.

To make sure you get started real fast, we’ve prepared a comprehensive how-to:

For pricing, please reach our sales department at 888-971-1117 ext. 1.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or suggestions.
Reach us via email or via phone 888-971-1117.

Thank you and let’s bntouch!

Marketing Team
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