5 Projects a Top Mortgage CRM Software Can Automate and Simplify

by Tomi Pironti

In the world of business, efficiency is key. That’s especially true for mortgage lenders, who have to manage complex processes on behalf of their clients and partners. The best way to manage these tasks is with a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform. 

Mortgage CRM software can improve relationships and automate your core business processes. Here are 5 projects that a mortgage CRM platform can simplify for you and your team members.


1. Client Communication

Customers expect regular communication. First-time homebuyers often want meaningful guidance on the unfamiliar lending process. 

Mortgage CRM software can centralize your communications within a single dashboard, which makes it easier to stay in touch. But the right CRM platform can also automate your communications, so you’re always “on” — even when you’re not.

For instance, imagine your client just completed a vital phase of the loan process. A mortgage CRM can send an automated message to let them know about their progress. Borrowers appreciate these frequent status updates, which can offer them peace of mind.

2. Marketing Campaigns

Face it: you have more things to worry about than monitoring your marketing campaigns. The right mortgage CRM software can run these campaigns for you.

Automated email marketing features allow you to send emails to potential leads so that no prospect slips through the cracks.

3. Creating a Web Page

Most lending companies have some sort of web presence. Unfortunately, their landing pages may not be updated as often as they should.

The best mortgage CRM software can help you create a webpage with just a few clicks. You can choose from pre-made templates that integrate with analytical tools to track your web performance.

4. Customer Assessments

Loan officers have to thoroughly evaluate the creditworthiness of each client. Mortgage CRM software can make this easier and more accurate.

The best CRM systems have advanced features to automate features such as:

  • Loan qualification
  • Credit analysis
  • Data entry

These automated processes reduce turnaround times significantly. They can also increase accuracy by eliminating the mistakes that creep in from human error.

5. Lead Management

Managing leads is a vital part of any lending business. But if you do it manually, you’ll likely let many leads slip through your fingers.

Mortgage CRM software can change all that. A CRM platform provides a suite of tools to nurture your leads and cultivate lasting relationships.

The best systems automatically collect customer data based on online behavior and other core attributes. A mobile app can even help your partners submit leads while they are out connecting with realtors or other partners. A CRM system can even help you organize leads and remind you when it’s time to follow up with prospective clients.

BNTouch Can Help You Do More

The BNTouch platform makes it easier than ever to manage your lending business. You can automate your core processes and build relationships with ease. 

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