Send Bulk Text Messages With BNTouch Voice

by Aidan Paringer

The top producing mortgage professionals know how important text message marketing is for lead conversion. But nobody in their right mind wants to send 100 text messages one at a time. And sometimes you just need to send a quick text blast that doesn’t need a whole campaign wrapped around it. We’ll, we’ve just added a new update to BNTouch Voice. It allows you to send mass texts to your records with ease. Seriously it’s as simple as checking some boxes and hitting a button. In this article we’ll highlight how to use this new bulk text feature. As well as go over some of the benefits of text message marketing for those of you not yet using BNTouch Voice.

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Send Bulk Texts To Your Borrowers

Text Blast Your Entire Pipeline

Send Bulk Texts To Your Borrowers
Send a text blast to everyone in your pipeline with three clicks. You’ll click the select all checkbox on the left. The “Select All XX Records” in the middle. Then just hit the “Send SMS” button and your off to the races.

Text Your 5 Most Recent Leads

Text Blast Your 5 Most Recent Mortgage Leads
Order your lead pipeline by date added to show the most recent leads first. Check the box next to the first five leads and hit the “Send SMS” button. It’s as simple as that to send text blasts to your contacts.

Why Is Text Message Marketing Important?

You may be saying to yourself by now “Yea, that seems cool but why is text messaging marketing important for my mortgage business?”. We’ll let data answer that one for you. Check out these insane stats about the benefits of text marketing and let us know if you feel the fire then.

BNTouch Voice StatsMortgage Text Marketing Stats

Ready To Start Text Message Marketing With BNTouch?

bulk sms borrowers demo

Note: If you’re already a BNTouch user you can activate BNTouch Voice from your modules section.

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