Introducing Multi-Language Campaigns & Spanish Mortgage Content

by Aidan Paringer

Create campaigns in multiple languages, and BNTouch will send your content to your contacts in their preferred language automatically. Just set the preferred language of the contact, schedule your multi-language campaigns and let your CRM do the rest. We’ve also added Spanish translations to all 40+ of the BNTouch pre-created plug and play campaigns you can download from the content exchange and start using today.

Note: Currently only Spanish available for multi-language campaigns but more languages will be added soon.

Start sending Spanish campaigns, walk through video and written tutorial below.

  1. Set Preferred Language

    The first step will be selecting the preferred language for your lead, borrower, or partner contact within BNTouch. You can do this using the “Preferred Language” drop down menu in the contact info tab of any of your contacts within the CRM.

  2. Set Your Campaign To Multi-Language

    Next you’ll need to set the campaign you’d like to send to be a multi-language campaign. All this requires is the check of a box. Find the campaign you’d like to make multi-language and enter the campaign settings by clicking the pencil icon across from the campaign name.

    From within the campaign settings just check the “Multi-Language” checkbox and select your new language. Then hit the orange “Update Campaign” button at the bottom of the page to save your new campaign settings.

  3. Add Translated Text

    Your campaign will now be ready to add your translated text. Now when editing a step within the campaign you will see a new tab in the “Subject” and “Custom Text” areas of your step editor titled with the name of the new language you’ve selected for your campaign.

    Just select this tab and enter the translated version of your subject line and body text, then hit the orange “Update Letter” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. When a campaign step has successfully had multiple languages added it will display a blue icon next to the step name.

Repeat this process for as many campaigns and steps as you’d like and congratulations, you’re sending automated emails to your borrowers in their preferred language.

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