Mortgage Marketing Content Ideas | How To Never Run Out

by Aidan Paringer

One of the biggest problems mortgage brokers face when trying to launch a successful content marketing campaign is consistency. Most brokers are very excited to get a campaign rolling, thinking of the growth in business they will get from it. Over time though as new business does start to come in and the regular day to day demands of their job start to stack up, it becomes too difficult to come up with new ideas for content marketing pieces and they stop their marketing efforts. The only way to be successful with your content marketing campaigns is to be consistent, so we’d like to share some tips with you on how to never run out of mortgage content marketing ideas.

How To Source Great Content Ideas

Source Mortgage Marketing Content
It all starts with great ideas. It’s not only a great idea though, it’s a great idea that is being engaged with (likes shares and comments) a lot on the internet. When planning your content the worst thing that can happen is you spend all your time crafting the perfect piece of content, only to publish and promote it and find out that people just aren’t interested in it. If people aren’t going to engage with the content you are putting out there, what is the point of creating it in the first place?

So when you plan your content, you have to start from a position of strength and be able to reasonably assume the topic you are creating your marketing content around will be deemed interesting and value-added by your ideal potential clients.

For instance, let’s say that you wanted to create a pre-recorded webinar on the 5 steps first-time home buyers should take when preparing to apply for their first home loan. There are a couple of key steps you should follow to make sure that your content is going to resonate with the audience you want to attract and some specific tricks you can employ to squeeze every bit of usefulness out of that content.

Do Keyword Research

One easy way to confirm your planned content outline will resonate with your audience is to use a tool like Google Keyword Planner, or You can plug a keyword or phrase into a platform that will return results on variations of that keyword that are searched for along with the number of monthly searches those particular keywords receive.

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So, for instance, if you look at the below screenshot, you will see keywords and search volume results when I type in “first-time home buyer”.

So as I scroll down this list of keywords in order of highest search volume to lowest, I can see things like “first-time home buyer tax credit”, “first-time home buyer grants”, “first-time home buyer classes/course/workshop” are all popular search terms. This would tell me two things. First, it validates that there are indeed a lot of people Googling around the topic of first-time home buying. Secondly, I can start to get some insights into the types of things that are most important to people considering buying a home for the first time to get answers to. In this example, tax credits and grants seem to be of particular interest. So now we have the beginnings of a great piece of content.

Review Similar Trending Content

Review Similar Mortgage Marketing Content
The next step you will want to take is to look around on the Internet to find similar content that is out there that is getting lots of clicks, likes, comments, and shares. This will help you fill in the rest of the outline for your marketing piece, again ensuring that what you are putting together is indeed deemed interesting, pertinent, and value-added to your ideal potential clients.

There are many great tools online you can use to do this. One of our favorites is a tool called BuzzSumo. For instance, take a look at the screenshot below for results I receive when I type in “first time home buyer”.

When planning this buyer’s webinar, you might notice that an article about first time home buyer programs on this list is getting lots of Facebook engagement and twitter shares. This would be an article you would want to read through to come up with content ideas to put in your first-time home buyers webinar outline. Repeat this exercise with various keywords that relate to your topic and in no time at all you’ll have a great grasp on what’s the most popular content on the internet related to what you are putting together.

Repurposing Your Content

Repurpose Mortgage Marketing Content Ideas
So once you’ve done your research, pinpointed the things that people are most interested in that relate to your topic of choice, and crafted the perfect piece of content, what’s next? Do you distribute it and start the process over and create a new piece of content? While you certainly could, this rapid-fire approach most likely isn’t feasible given the day to day rigors of running a mortgage brokerage. By repurposing your content though, you can stretch out the value of a piece of content you created, save yourself the time and energy of being on the “content treadmill”, constantly hunting for new marketing ideas and grow your brand very effectively in the process.

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Staying with my example of a pre-recorded first-time home buyer webinar, let’s examine ways in which you can repurpose this content to actually end up giving you an entire month’s worth of marketing content.

Turn Your Content Into A Podcast

If you have a great pre-recorded webinar, such as the first-time home buyer webinar in the example we are using in this article, one of the easiest ways you can repurpose that content is by pulling the audio out of it and turning it into a podcast. Remember, everyone likes to consume content in different ways. While one person may be a “sit on the couch in the evening and watch YouTube videos type person”, another might enjoy listening to podcasts every morning when they are on the treadmill at the gym. You need to be everywhere your ideal potential clients are hanging out.

Using a video editing tool such as iMovie, for instance, you can easily export out the audio from your first time home buyer’s webinar and then upload it to your podcast platform.

Turn Your Content Into Infographics

Sticking with the idea that all types of people absorb content in different ways, breaking your content into bite-sized graphical chunks that are easy for people to absorb and understand complex topics quickly is also a great way you can repurpose your content. One great way is to create Infographics from your content. 

For example, taking your pre-recorded webinar, using a tool such as you can actually take the outline you began with to plan your webinar and turn it into an infographic that touches on each of the topics covered, includes a compelling graphic and a summary of the topic. You ideal potential client will be able to quickly understand what the webinar is about and if you include a link at the bottom of your infographic to the main piece of recorded video content, they can then decide that they are interested and commit to spending the time to watch the entire webinar.

Create Multiple Short Video Clips From Your Content

Repurposing content also means turning it into other types of media that are suitable for other platforms. One of the greatest pieces of interactive content you can create to promote your mortgage business is video content. Video content is great because it can be posted in so many places.  You can of course put it on your Youtube channel, but you can also post it on your Facebook business page, your Instagram account, and even your LinkedIn profile.

Again, going with the pre-recorded webinar example we’ve been using in this article, take your outline you originally planned your webinar with and turn each section into a mini-video on the topic. This is effective because watching an entire webinar may be too time-consuming for a prospect, but if the section you carve out is of particular interest to them, they will take the time to watch that content. In the description of the video, you can always link to the entire recorded webinar so the viewer can choose to watch the whole thing after they watch your clip. 

Turn Quotes In Your Content Into Catchy Graphics

Another great way to use content from your longer-form pieces of content into even more content is to take key quotes from them and place them over a graphic that you can use on all your social media properties. Again, can help you accomplish this, but there are also other tools such as Ripl that are fantastic at this as well.

We’ve got a full article on how you can turn your blogs into shareable social media content here.

Let’s say for instance in your first time home buyer’s webinar you state, “There is a myth that many first time home buyers believe where you have to have a down payment of 20% to become a homeowner.” In a few minute’s time you can create an eye catching compelling graphic, overlay this key quotation and you will have an engagement rich graphic you can use as a social media post that then not only serves as more content marketing your brand, but can also drive interested leads back to your original webinar content.

Look At Content In A Different Way

Again, the key to a successful mortgage marketing campaign is consistency. The trick to being consistent is having a deep well of content that you can draw from to make sure you are getting your message out to your ideal prospects, repeatedly so that over time they grow to like and trust you and consider you the thought leader in your space. Looking at content not as a single “create and hope” exercise, but something that can be researched, created, reshaped and redeployed is a great way to ensure that you don’t run dry of content ideas too soon and always have consistent, great content out there to help you grow your mortgage business.

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