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by Aidan Paringer

It’s understandable that the thought of having to come up with fresh content ideas month after month to promote your mortgage business can be daunting. The truth is though that it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of upfront research you can ensure your campaigns are consistent and that your business continues to grow. Let’s look at a few of our favorite keyword research strategies and tools as well as some great places you can head to for content ideas.

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Why Keywords Are Important

Keywords are your first step to putting together a plan that will give you a reasonable expectation that the content you are going to be producing to promote your mortgage brokerage is consistent with the thoughts, needs, wants, and fears of your ideal customers. It helps you get into the minds of these ideal customers and in a sense use a crystal ball to see what it is they are actually typing into Google when they are searching for things related to home loans.

A Solid Keyword Strategy

When you get ready to perform your first keyword search, it’s important you keep in mind your client personas. As we’ve covered in past articles, client personas are semi-fictional stories about your ideal customer. It details who they are, their background, their current situation, challenges and goals. 

For instance, let’s say your brokerage specializes in VA loans. One of your personas may be a service person that is currently in the Armed Forces, has married and possibly has their first child on the way. Some things that this persona might type into Google to start their home loan search might include:

  • Buying first home while in the Army and deployed
  • Do currently deployed service people qualify for VA loans
  • VA loan process
  • How to qualify for a VA loan
  • First-time home buyer VA loan

Those are all likely things that someone might type into a search engine. If these are common search terms and your article revolves around them, you are bound to show up in search results. But what if people simply don’t search for these things? The time you spent creating that blog post, video or infographic would end up being a waste of your valuable time. This is why it’s important to do keyword research to confirm your initial thoughts before you set out to research and create marketing content.

Tools For Keyword Research

Let’s take a look at a few tools that you can use to conduct your keyword research and ensure that your marketing content is on the right track.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush
SEM Rush is a great all-in-one tool that you can use to not only do keyword research for possible marketing ideas but also to aid you in coming up with content ideas that will resonate with your ideal customers. Their Keyword Magic tool will allow you to type in a keyword or phrase (e.g. VA loan process) and it will give you results on search volume for that key phrase, as well as similar variations, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently.


  • The tool has every bell and whistle you could ever need
  • You can save keyword lists, allowing you to refresh at a later date to get up to date reporting
  • For those that are unfamiliar with keyword research, their tutorials are in depth


  • It’s an expensive tool, starting at $99 per month
  • For most people’s needs, the number of offerings in their platform is overkill
  • It’s not as easy to use as many other tools on the market

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner
Similar to SEM rush, Google Keyword Planner gives you the ability to search keywords and phrases and get detailed lists of how many times a particular keyword or phrase is searched. As with everything Google creates, the tool has a clean user interface and is pretty easy to use. 


  • The tool is free to use
  • Gives you keyword ideas that can help you reach your ideal clients
  • Their newly release keyword refining tool help yous easily optimize for the most searched terms


  • You have to sign up for a Google Ads Account (free) in order to access the tool
  • It lacks additional features that almost every third-party keyword tool offers
  • Their tool is only returning google data (not data from other search engines)

KW Finder

KW Finder
KW Finder is a great tool for finding great keywords your ideal customers are searching on the web. They also have a feature that will give you insights into what similar content in your industry is performing the best across the internet.


  • They offer one of the lowest price paid keyword research tools available
  • They not only track search terms, but also how many people click on a particular result
  • You can separate statistics between paid ads and organic search results


  • Their entry level pricing, while affordable has limitations on search volume you can perform
  • The interface isn’t quite as clean and simple as other platforms
  • Don’t update newly discovered keywords as frequently as other platforms

Popularity Of Content Matters

It’s important to remember that you want to develop content to market your mortgage brokerage that is going to be deemed the most pertinent and valuable by your ideal potential clients so you get the most traffic possible, giving you the highest possibilities of gaining new clients. Content idea tools help you do this with laser focus.

For instance, picking up on our keyword example, let’s assume after your keyword research you’ve determined that the key phrases “Do currently deployed service people qualify for VA loans” and “VA loan process” are both high traffic popular keywords. To help you better decide which keyword you might use as the foundation of your next marketing piece, you can search a content tool to find similar content on the internet from others in your industry. You may find that the general “VA loan process” is a topic that is getting much more engagement, shares and comments. Based on that information, you’ve got a really solid start to creating a piece of content that will be found and well liked by your ideal potential clients.

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Tools To Find Popular Mortgage Content

Let’s examine a few of our favorite tools you can use to find what’s popular and engaging in the mortgage sphere.


Buzzsumo is a tool that will allow you to source insight into content that is performing well on the internet based on keywords or phrases you type into their search engine.


  • They use multiple sources (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, backlinks, etc) to track popularity
  • If your keywords don’t return results, you can search more broadly by industry for content ideas
  • With a paid subscription you get unlimited monthly searches


  • The platform is expensive ($99 per month)
  • If your keywords don’t return results, it doesn’t offer alternative suggestions
  • Some users report results are too broad


Feedly is powered by Google Alerts. It’s an
RSS tool that is fantastic for finding, reading, and sharing content that is relevant to your business.


  • The tool is free to use
  • It is easy to identify trending topics using their search tool
  • You can not only search, but also review content inside their tool without leaving the site


  • It doesn’t have influencer discovery tools other platforms have
  • It lacks many features other content discovery tools have as standard features
  • The feeds occasionally freeze and need to be deleted and reloaded checks out millions of sites on a daily basis to look for content relative to your searches. You can then filter, share, or distribute it to fit your needs.


  • It’s much cheaper than products like Buzzsumo ($0-67 per month)
  • It’s extremely easy to use
  • They have relevant suggestions to help you expand your research


  • The interface has pop-outs that can sometimes be burdensome
  • The sources of content they curate are deemed less reputable than other services by some users
  • If you use negative keywords, the platform does not support that

Give Them What They Want & Grow Your Mortgage Business

While it does take a little bit of upfront work to get your content strategy planned out, following these steps will ensure that you are always creating marketing content your ideal potential clients will be seeking out and wanting to click on to engage with you and your mortgage brokerage. In no time at all you’ll find you are the thought leader in the mortgage space in their minds and they’ll be wanting to do business with you.

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