How To Repurpose Your Mortgage Marketing Content For 2021

by Aidan Paringer

Content creation and publishing is one of the most crucial aspects of your mortgage brokerage’s digital marketing strategy. High-quality content will help you increase website traffic, improve your online presence, and better position yourself as a thought leader in your marketplace. Creating good content on a regular basis though is a task that can immediately seem overwhelming to the typical busy mortgage broker. One way to simplify this process is by repurposing content that you’ve already published. Repurposing content offers a number of fantastic benefits and truly optimizes your content creation process. Before we explore different ways you can tackle this marketing hack, let’s look into what repurposing content really means. You can also check out our full piece on how to never run out of mortgage marketing content ideas here.

What Does It Mean To Repurpose Mortgage Marketing Content?

Repurposing content simply means taking existing content that you’ve created for a particular purpose and using it for another purpose. So you are literally transforming an existing piece of content into a new format. For instance, let’s say you have a long blog post (or series of posts) on the first time home buying process. You could take the outline of that blog post and actually turn it into a podcast series. Or let’s say you have an ebook that you wrote on the same topic. Take out key information from that ebook and turn it into an infographic that clearly and visually illustrates what the ebook covers.

3 Ways To Repurpose Mortgage Content

If you’re looking to get started repurposing some of your great content, here are a few ways you can get started today.

Turn Podcasts Into Blog Posts

If you read our past articles on podcasting and you jumped in with both feet and have been producing regular podcasts, you have a fantastic source of repurposable content that you probably hadn’t ever considered. Remember, not everyone hangs out in the same places online and consumes the same type of content. That’s what makes turning podcasts into long-form blog posts so powerful.

For instance, let’s suppose you have a series of podcast episodes, each one focusing on one key element of the first time homebuyer’s journey. Take each one and create a separate blog post for it. The truth is it’s easier than you think to get your podcasts transcribed without having to spend the time and energy to do it yourself. wrote a great blog article about how they took a piece of an extensive interview they were doing at a brewery and decided to turn it into a blog post about the beer brewing process. In the article they give these key specific tips to carrying this process out:

  • Convert your audio to text using a transcription service
  • Copy the specific content you want to use as the topic of your blog post (Aiming for at least 750 words)
  • Edit the transcription to change any formatting issues that don’t follow proper writing procedure

In the blog article you’ll see an actual excerpt of the content they transcribed and created. One notable thing they point out is that it is actually pretty easy to take a single podcast episode and turn it into multiple blog posts, giving you even more bang for your buck.

Every podcast you do for your mortgage brokerage can follow this same framework. Podcasts, where you interview industry thought leaders are especially great for this exercise as those types of articles, will help build your authority in the eyes of your ideal clients.

Turn A Collection Of Blog Posts Into An E-Book

If your mortgage brokerage specializes in a particular type of client or loan program, over the years you have undoubtedly amassed a huge library of really great content around your specialty. Take some time to analyze which of those pieces of content were the most engaged with and organize them into a table of contents type order that you can turn into an e-book. 

E-books lend to brand authority. Having an ebook available on is a fantastic way to flex your thought leadership. Using high value, engaged with content you’ve already written for your blog is a perfect way to easily accomplish this without having to spend hours if not weeks brainstorming and writing your e-book.

In an article published by Hubspot, they cover an example of Darren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger, who received a lot of positive feedback on his series, “31 Days to Build a Better Blog.” To streamline the content and monetize it, Rowse packaged the series into an ebook and started selling it for $29.99. Even years after the initial launch, the book is still available, and it’s even bought and used as material in online courses.

Taking a page out of Rowse’s book, you can do the same thing with any series of articles you’ve written on your website that have received lots of traffic and engagement. For instance, if you wrote a series of articles about all the steps first-time home buyers need to take to successfully purchase their new home, you could turn those into an e-book and either sell it on or use it as a lead magnet on your Mortgage Brokerage website to generate more leads in your pipeline.

Create Short Summary Videos From Your Blog Posts

If you’ve spent even a minute or two on Facebook in the last few years, you have undoubtedly seen this short summary video format. The most popular producer of this format is a YouTube channel that covers all things news called “NowThis News Channel”.

Repurpose mortgage blogs as video

As you can see, the video format is simple. It’s a quick summary of a longer, in this case news article with compelling imagery and captions. This is a perfect vehicle that you can utilize for your mortgage content to drive people to your blog or podcast content. By simply taking the main talking points of your article or podcast, in a few short minutes you can create a “NowThis” style video that will give the viewer a good idea about what your main piece of content is all about.

PRO TIP: Remember to ALWAYS link back to your original piece of long-form content, either in the video description, with a video overlay, or even in a caption to make sure you give an easy opportunity for your viewer to click through to the content. wrote a great article about how you can do this. In their article they detail the step by step process you will want to take using a platform such as Lumen5 to convert your blog articles into compelling short videos:

  • Arrange Your Text To Support A Storyboard Format
  • Finetune Text Overlay And Imagery
  • Add An Audio Track To Your Video
  • Upload Your Brand Assets (Your logo, photo, etc)

To give a real-life illustration of their article tips, they created a short video recapping their actual article that you can see by clicking below.

Article To Video Repurpose

It’s All About Working Smarter (Not Harder)

Let’s face it, being a mortgage broker in today’s market is tough. Just because you are used to putting your head down and doing what it takes to be successful doesn’t mean it always has to be hard on you. Take these content repurposing tips and apply them to some of the great content you’ve already developed and you’ll instantly feel a little bit of that weight taken off your shoulders.

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