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by Aidan Paringer

Content marketing and social media marketing are two very different things. Each one has its own set of best practices and strategies. There are however ways the two can fit together nicely, especially when it comes to engaging your audience. Integrating your mortgage blog content into social media content is a great way to boost engagement. You can check out our full article on how to never run out of mortgage marketing content ideas here.

In this post, we’ll discuss how to turn your mortgage blog posts into social media content.

Turn Long Form Blog Content Into Shareable Social Content

Even though it may seem simple, you do not want to simply drop a link to your latest mortgage blog post into a social media post without any explanation or context. People don’t usually engage with long form content on their social media feeds.

Attach A Quote To A Compelling Image

The truth of the matter is there is so much content online that it’s easy for people to miss what you are posting. Using a visually compelling image is a way to leverage pattern disruption to get potential leads to stop what they are doing and pay attention to your post. Once they’ve stopped, they’ll see a compelling quote from your original blog post and that may pique their interest and get them to click through to your entire article.

Twitter is sometimes referred to as “the digital abyss.” Even if you have a big following, there’s just so much content that’s published so frequently that it can be really difficult to see any momentum. Fortunately, adding a visual component to your tweets can help increase their visibility.

Quote Graphic For Social

Get into the habit of trying to write at least one or two “quotable” phrases for each blog post on your mortgage website. This will help you more easily increase potential shares. People love a good quote-on-a-picture. Even better, this strategy will work on Twitter, Instagram, and really even Facebook, so you are getting a lot of bang for your buck for this type of social media content.

Canva For Social Content

Canva is a fantastic, easy to use platform you can utilize to create these graphics. Adding text is as simple as dragging, dropping, and pasting the quote right onto the image. You can even use their platform for free. 

Turn Your Mortgage Blog Content Into A Video

Video is by far the most consumed and engaged with type of content on social media. Year over year it continues to get more and more popular. If anything, it will only become more important. Sites like have done studies and their findings are quite amazing.

So to get your piece of that amazing engagement, convert your mortgage blog posts into videos and repurpose that content in a social-friendly way. It’s actually more simple than you think.

For instance, if you want to turn your latest blog post about a first-time buyers steps to homeownership, start with your blog outline. Take the topics of each section of your blog and use them to tell a short (60-90 seconds tops) story about what your blog post is all about. People love stories and if you keep it concise, they will stick through it to watch it.

Social Video Content

While creating a video from your mortgage blog content might seem daunting, there are actually great online resources you can use to help make creating a compelling video simple, and stress-free.

Fiverr For Social Content

Fiverr is a fantastic website you can use to locate freelancers that specialize in creating videos from pre-existing blog content. You’ll find there are plenty of freelancers to choose from that employ all kinds of different styles and techniques to their videos. The best part of the platform is how affordable the freelancers are to hire. Start by searching something like “Turn my blog into a video”.

Go Live And Discuss The Questions Your Blog Readers Have

Undoubtedly, if your mortgage blog content is speaking to the interests, wants, and needs of your ideal clients, you are bound to see that you are getting comments and questions in the comments section of your blog. While you of course want to reply inside your blog as quickly as possible to acknowledge your readers and show them that you take their questions seriously, using those questions as content for social media is a fantastic opportunity.

Blogs with engaged communities will often get questions and comments on their posts. You should answer these questions as soon as possible if you’re able to do so on your site, but you can also use those questions as a basis for a Q&A held over live video.

Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube all have their own live-streaming platforms. Start off a live stream answer questions that people have asked you in your blog posts. This is a great way to get the ball rolling. Then, once more people start logging in and get a feel for the format of your live stream, a Q&A session is a fantastic way to get users to engage with you as the stream is happening. The live nature of these video streams puts an importance on asking a question right that second that will draw potential leads that may usually be passive and in the background to engaging right then and there with you.

Live stream social content

The best part about this tip is you already have all the tools you need to do it sitting right in your smartphone via Facebook and Youtube. Simply choose the platform you wish to live-stream on, open up that particular social media app on your phone and you are off and running. Once you go live, all the people that follow your mortgage social media profile will be sent an alert on their phone that you’ve gone live, allowing them to click to join you and engage with you.

Turn Your Highest Performing Mortgage Blog Posts Into Infographics

Even though your 800-1200 word mortgage blog post about the first-time homebuying process is a great one, the truth is we are an “on-demand society”. People want information they can quickly review and they want it in a format they can absorb right away. Infographics are a fantastic way to do just that.

Social Content Info Graphics

Infographics are fantastically eye-catching visual charts that present big chunks of information in a way that social media users find attractive and easy to digest. They’re also incredibly sharable, especially if you make them either value-added, thought-provoking or entertaining. You can break down one of your high performing mortgage blog posts into different infographics just by adding some visual components to them, and share them on social media. 

Info graphic social content

Venngage is a fantastic tool that takes the chore of converting your mortgage blog article into a visual story and makes it easy. They have a free trial you can use to test out their platform and if you decide to sign up, you can do so for as little as $19 per month. They have tons of templates to choose from and in no time at all you will have a great infographic that tells a visual story of all the great content that is in your blog post.

Start Creating Today!

Turning your mortgage blog posts into social content is a fantastic way to get more engagement on all your social media platforms. Using this approach as an integrated piece of your marketing efforts will save you a lot of time and creative energy. So start turning that great blog content into social media content and enjoy the benefits of stress-free content.

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