Generate & Leverage Mortgage Leads Using Facebook Ads – Whitepaper

by Aidan P

Earlier this month we showed you how to create your first Facebook Ads. Now we want you to show you how you can best leverage those leads to grow your mortgage business. We’ve created a mortgage facebook ads eBook that will walk you through the steps and strategies to generate unique leads, automate your follow-ups and use those leads to attract top producing partners.

Mortgage Facebook Ads eBook

In this White Paper you will learn the following to create and leverage Mortgage Facebook Ads…

  1. Create A Consumer Facing Ad

    a) Targeting
    b) Ad Copy
    c) Imagery
    d) Landing Pages
    e) Opt-in Forms

  2. Using A Follow-Up System

    a) Voice Mail Automation
    b) Email Automation
    c) Text Message Automation

  3. Baiting Realtors With Your Leads

    a) Target Top Players
    b) Present The Bait
    c) All or Nothing Approach
    d) Reciprocate or Replace

  4. Investing In A Powerful CRM

    a) Communicate With Facebook
    b) Build Landing Pages & Forms
    c) Automated Messaging
    d) Shared Reminder & Notifications
    e) In-Depth Analytics & Reports

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Mortgage Facebook Advertising

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