Mortgage Circles – Online Portals for Loan Officers

by Aidan Paringer

The Mortgage Circles Ecosystem – Online Portals for Loan Officers
Empowering LO’s, their clients & partners to accelerate the digital loan process. 

Mortgage Circles is a white-labeled borrower & partner portal ecosystem to track, share & accelerate the loan process has just been released by Portland, OR-based mortgage software provider, BNTouch. The completely re-tooled and re-designed Mortgage Circles, launched August 13th, 2020, provides mortgage professionals with easy-to-use custom websites (or portals) that are created for every borrower & partner in their CRM. This portal can be accessed by individual borrowers to track their loan status, e-sign documents, fill out 1003 applications & more. While the partner portal gives partners great marketing tools like a digital house listing creator, open house forms, and shared client updates

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This CRM offering, called Mortgage Circles, was created with mortgage professionals in mind. When a new record is entered into the Loan Officers Mortgage CRM account the system will automatically create a custom online portal with a unique login and password for that record.  

Mortgage Circles is the white-labeled mobile app & website loan officers can send their borrowers & partners to login. Once logged in borrowers & partners will have access to all the tools built into their portal. Empowering them to work digitally and on their own with their BNTouch CRM using Loan Officer. Mortgage Circles provides all parties with an easy online solution that will eliminate countless hours of email back and brings loan officers one step closer to offering a fully digital mortgage experience. 

BNTouch is the mortgage business growth platform behind Mortgage Circles. The most feature-rich Mortgage CRM on the market, created to make it easy for mortgage professionals to communicate effectively and stay at the forefront of technology. Founded in 2004 BNTouch has helped over 2,000 mortgage companies grow with cutting-edge tools and world-class customer support.

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