Lead Generation Automation Made Easy With Bntouch CRM

by Chris Brown

Lead generation automation always takes some time and strategy. However, if you aren’t already using a customer relationship management (CRM) system, you might be able to put some of that strategy on autopilot. Here’s how a smart automated marketing strategy can bring you more leads.

Lead Generation Automation

Take Out the Guesswork With Pre-Made Marketing Campaigns

If you’re an individual mortgage professional, you might not have the time to master the art of marketing and lead generation automation. You also might not have the financial resources to pay for a marketer. However, many quality CRMs set you up with the marketing templates you need for success:

  • Infographics explaining the mortgage process
  • Weekly market updates
  • Email newsletters
  • Refinance analysis reports
  • Email templates
  • Pre-designed email drip campaigns
  • Ecard templates for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries
  • Explainer videos

That doesn’t mean you’re limited to whatever templates come with your CRM. Most programs let you create and manage your own custom campaigns, too.

Lead Generation Automation

Set and Forget Targeted Text and Email Marketing

When it comes to mortgage lead generation, promptly following up on new leads is one of the most critically important steps. However, when you’re juggling many leads at once, you run the risk of missing those crucial follow-ups.

Most CRM systems let you create targeted email and text marketing campaigns. You can set them up to use each lead’s name for a more personal feel.

That doesn’t mean all of your communication with potential leads has to be (or should be) automated. However, automating the beginning of each conversation can save you a good bit of time. If a potential lead responds to an automated text or email, you can then begin engaging with them directly.

Lead Generation Automation

Create Optimized Websites (Almost) Automatically

It’s easy to forget that having a website optimized for Google is a critical part of marketing. Many quality CRMs have built-in templates and tools that let you create websites in just a few clicks. Some auto-optimize your content for search engines. In some cases, your website auto-integrates with Google Analytics so you can track performance by individual page.

This is an especially effective strategy for mortgage lead generation. Combine a high-ranking SEO website with an irresistible lead magnet, and you’re sure to see an influx of high-quality leads.

Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

A strong social media marketing strategy is vital to bring in new leads. Social media platforms let you create and schedule future content, but many CRMs make that process even simpler. They offer helpful templates for creating social media content, and they even let you schedule future posts without leaving the CRM!

Discover What Lead Generation Automation Can Do for You

If you’ve never used lead generation automation in your business — or you only have limited experience with it — there’s a whole world of opportunity that you’re missing! 

When you choose BNTouch as your mortgage CRM, you gain access to a wide range of tools — including tools for automating nearly every facet of your marketing campaign. Get in touch with us to schedule a product demo today!


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