Lead Farm Update

by Marketing Team


We’d like to present you an update for one of our great tools – Lead Farm! As you probably know this feature allows you to grow your leads into deals, and now it has been enhanced with 2 new awesome features:

Loan Availability Alert
BNTouch sends an email alert when the Loan Availability date is reached in Lead Farm. The alert has quick links to a file along with phone numbers, email and notes so you can reach out to prospect and start the loan process!

Next Contact Alert
BNTouch sends an email alert when the Next Contact date is reached in Lead Farm. This allows Lead Farm users to constantly follow up on each prospect. Once the prospect is contacted, just change your notes and update Next Contact date to the next wanted date.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or suggestions.
Reach us via phone 888-971-1117 or via email info@bntouchmortgage.com

Thank you and let’s bntouch!

Best Regards,
BNTouch Team

Marketing Team
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