BNTouch’s Technological Approach to Generating Effective Pre-Approvals

by Chris Brown

Technology can transform the mortgage pre-approval process. By using a mortgage pre-approval generator, you make it easy for clients to secure the home of their dreams. BNTouch offers a unique path toward generating effective mortgage pre-approvals. Here’s what you can expect from our pre-approval generator.

What Is a Mortgage Pre-Approval Generator?

There are several types of mortgage pre-approval calculators. Some simply provide a mortgage pre-approval estimate. Others serve as a mortgage comparison calculator. The BNTouch platform provides an estimate and generates a pre-approval letter.

The goal is simple. The faster you can offer pre-approval, the more likely the applicant will be to use your services. Clients can secure good rates while you stand out from your competitors.

Benefits of Generating Pre Approvals

The Benefits of Generating Effective Pre-Approvals

BNTouch’s pre-approval generator offers several unique features. How do these features enhance your business?

Frictionless Online Process

First, applicants have access to a simple online process. This ensures that they will provide:

  • The right contact information
  • The required documents
  • The relevant financial data

The end result? Fast, accurate pre-approvals. Buyers will prefer your business when your process outpaces your competitors. And you can also use borrower data to create customized pre-approval letters.

Dynmic Pro-Approval Letter Generation

Dynamic Pre-Approval Letter Generation

The pre-approval generator performs more than the basic calculation. It also creates pre-approval letters. The system can also adapt these letters to your specific needs or the needs of your clients.

Storage tools also help you save and retrieve each letter. The data you gain can then be used for future marketing efforts.

Customizable Permissions and Loan Limits

Using our pre-approval generator allows you to maintain a set of permissions and limits for each loan. Why is that important? This feature will give you total control over who can access and modify loan information.

As a result, you’ll control who serves each client. This feature also adds another layer of security to protect your applicant data.

Benefits of Generating Pre Approvals

Automated Self-Generation

Automated features streamline the process even further. The BNTouch system can generate letters automatically. Users can set parameters unique to each client. The system will then generate letters that adhere to these guidelines.

This feature allows you to process more pre-approval letters than ever before. And it works around the clock without you having to monitor the process or create manual letters. Because you can set your own standards, you’ll retain the ability to deliver focused solutions to every client.

A Full Mortgage CRM Platform

These features only add to those of the customer relationship management (CRM) system. A mortgage CRM allows you to:

  • Build a borrower pipeline
  • Manage your marketing strategies
  • Communicate with your clients
  • Work together as a team

Together, these features help you grow your lending practice. You’ll be able to handle a larger customer volume while maintaining a high level of customer service.

Benefits of Generating Pre Approvals

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