The Importance of an Easy-to-Use CRM for Lenders

by Tomi Pironti

Time is money. The last thing you want in a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a steep learning curve. As you’re evaluating a CRM for lenders, make sure to choose a product that’s easy to use. Here’s why that’s important.

Data Collection and Management

Mortgage CRM software all but eliminates the need for manual data entry. A robust system can pull client data from other channels or even take in leads from your lending partners. 

A CRM platform can also create a centralized database, making it easy to find the contact information and correspondence you need. No more clients slipping through the cracks!

Rapid Turnaround

An easy-to-use CRM doesn’t just benefit you. Your clients will also appreciate the fast turnaround for their loan applications. This can lead to greater customer satisfaction and give you an edge over your competitors.

Reduce Errors


No system is error-free, but an easy-to-use CRM for lenders can reduce the kinds of errors that creep in from the human side of data entry. Fewer errors mean a smoother process for you and the borrower. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Work Together

Your team deserves the best tools. A CRM platform can help your lending teams communicate, share documents, and collaborate on marketing projects. This improves efficiency and can even boost employee morale.

This is also true for your relationship with other industry professionals. A convenient portal for clients and partners can make working together a breeze. Your partners can use an app on their phones to connect with your office and even submit new leads from anywhere in the world.

Automate Your Communication

Regular status updates can give your clients a greater sense of confidence about the lending process. A mortgage CRM platform can send these updates automatically. This helps you meet the needs of your clients while prioritizing the things that matter most in your day. It also ensures that your customers receive the feedback they need in real-time, which can help you stand out from other lenders.

Manage Your Digital Presence

Need a modern website? No problem. High-quality CRM software can help you create clean, mobile-friendly web pages with a few clicks. 

Additionally, you can use a mortgage CRM system to solicit feedback from your customers. This customer feedback can be essential to refining your strategy and identifying new markets to target. Positive reviews can also be powerful to display on your web page and social media channels.

Make More of Your Time

The best CRM for lenders will provide an extensive array of automated features. Automation is possible for everything from marketing campaigns to client communication. This means that you’ll spend less time on manual entry and updates. You’ll have more time to devote to generating leads and serving your valued clients.

The Best CRM for Lenders

Save time and energy with a new CRM platform. BNTouch can help you modernize your lending business with our intuitive user interface and innovative features. 

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