Phone Call Marketing Strategies For Mortgage Brokers & LO’s

by Aidan Paringer

Dialing for dollars. Everyone in the Mortgage Industry has heard that phrase at one time or another. Even more, practically every mortgage broker has at one time or another used the phone for outbound marketing campaigns to nurture leads and convert them into customers. Amazingly, even with this experience, many brokers are either getting it wrong or not maximizing the results they could be getting from phone campaigns. Let’s take a look at some tips on technology you can employ and the platforms that can help you do so.

Tech To Improve Your Phone Marketing

When you are churning through your list of day to day tasks required to grow your mortgage business, one thing you can be certain of is you are going to be spending a lot of time on the phone. The phone is an important tool in your arsenal. It’s also a tool that can potentially steal away from time that you need to spend on other business-building and client-related activities. How do you manage and maximize the time you spend calling prospects and clients? The good news is there are tons of technologies out there that can help optimize this process.

Ringless Voicemail & Pre-Recorded Call Blasts

When it comes to pre-recorded, automated calling campaigns, you basically have two choices. You can choose to either drop ringless voicemails into your prospect’s voicemail boxes, or do a pre-recorded call blast campaign that uses an auto-dialer to dial your leads. Ringless voicemail campaigns are a type of campaign that takes a pre-recorded message and delivers it directly to the voicemail box of your prospect without ringing their phone or alerting them that you called. They will simply hear their phone make a voicemail alert chirp and see there is a new message on their phone. Many consumers and people in the mortgage industry see this as a dishonest marketing tactic.

Pre-Recorded Call Blasts on the other hand actually use the real phone dialer built into your phone marketing system. The system calls leads directly and when they answer it plays your pre-recorded message. At any time during the message, your prospect can press a  key on their phone and the dialing system will attempt to connect you on the phone automatically with that lead so you can continue the conversation. If the prospect doesn’t answer the call, your recorded message will be left in their voicemail box, but their phone will show a missed call, making it look much more like a normal conversation.

Here are some common ways you can use these two technologies:

  • Ringless voicemail is great to bypass call screening on large lists of cold leads and increasing the number of those folks you’ll connect with because they need to listen to your voicemail message before they can decide whether or not to delete it.
  • Call blasts are great for contacting a list of warm leads as you can use your phone dialing system to auto-dial your large list of prospective borrowers, making your time spend more efficient.
  • Call blasts are also a fantastic way to update past borrowers on new refinance rates or new loan programs that you may be promoting.

Personalize Phone Numbers By Area Code

What if you want to maximize the number of people you actually connect with live on the phone? People are 4 times more likely to answer a call (even a number they don’t know if it is coming from a local calling number. One way to maximize the number of calls that will potentially be picked up by your lead is by customizing the area codes/phone numbers that your caller ID shows as your calls go out:

  • Segment your list by area code.
  • Load each list into a separate calling campaign and choose a number that is local to each area code group.
  • Set the forwarding for each number to your direct phone number, so any calls that are returned go directly to you.

Document Your Calls

As you start getting more and more leads into your pipeline, you will be servicing more and more loans for clients. You will inevitably reach a point where you simply cannot remember everything you spoke about with each person. Spending time flipping through past email conversations that are follow-ups to phone calls, or looking through notes on your desk takes time that will undoubtedly get in the way of you performing other tasks. The good news is that phone platforms have thought of this and have features in place to help you remember the important key things you need to know about your conversations with leads and clients.

Using a “call tracker” feature built into your phone platform will help you save time and become exponentially more effective in your conversations with leads and clients. Here are some specific things you want to do when utilizing the call logging features in your phone platform:

  • Document the date of the phone conversation and a summary of the call
  • Document anything that you need to do/need to get to the lead or client before your next communication
  • Briefly summarize the goal/purpose of the next phone call so at a glance you have a clear idea of how to best proceed with the call

Phone Call Marketing & Automation Platforms

We’ve covered a few great time-saving tips when it comes to your mortgage brokerage’s phone campaign strategy. There are platforms out there that will help you execute these tips, maximizing your efficiency on the phone. Here are a few of our favorite phone platforms you can utilize to help you run your campaigns.

Mojo Dialer

Mojo Call Marketing For Mortgage
Mojo Dialer is one of the most popular phone marketing platforms in the Real Estate and Mortgage industries. If you are someone that likes to sit at your desk and “Dial For Dollars”, this platform is for you. It’s lightning-fast and will allow you to make up to 300 calls per hour. It’s packed with features.

This platform is best for your campaign if you want to:

  • Segment calling lists, and organize data for call blasts.
  • Manage your tasks, follow up calls and appointments with built-in, easy to use tools.
  • Utilize ringless voicemail to increase the speed of your lead and customer follow up campaigns.

Phone Burner

Phone Burner Call Marketing For Mortgage
If you are interested in the speed of a power dialer but are running a mortgage team, Phone Burner’s solutions might be just what you need.
Using this platform, Phone Burner reports you can increase outbound productivity by up to 400%. Their platform is cloud-based, so it does not require special equipment. That also means you can make your calls from the office, working from home, or just about anywhere.

This platform is best for your campaign if you want to:

  • Use local number caller ID’s, increasing the chances people will pick up your calls.
  • Instantly drop voicemails to any call you are unable to reach live.
  • Manage your tasks, follow up calls and appointments with built-in scheduling tools.

BNTouch Voice

BNTouch Voice Call Marketing For Mortgage Pros
Calling platforms are great tools to make you more efficient, but efficiency can be lost if your solution doesn’t easily connect with the CRM platform you are using to track your leads and clients.
BNTouch Voice is an extension of BNTouch CRM and provides subscribers with great voice messaging tools that allow you to directly connect on the phone with leads and clients while keeping all your data and notes in sync.

This platform is best for your campaign if you want to:

  • Utilize click to call features with our PhoneBurner dialer to save time.
  • Use a custom caller ID that matches numbers in your marketplace, increasing the chances people will pick up your calls.
  • Seamlessly document notes about discussions, next steps and follow up task reminders

Phone Campaigns Are An Important Part Of The Mortgage Business

The truth is if you want to be successful in the mortgage industry, you need to spend time on the phone cultivating relationships and keeping in touch with past clients. Just because calls take time doesn’t mean that you can’t optimize your processes, get more calls made each day and close more deals to grow your mortgage business.

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