How Cool is BNTouch Voice?

by Marketing Team

These days reaching your audience on the move is essential. SMS/text and voice messaging has become a must-have in any marketing campaign of every top mortgage producer… and for good reason.

SMS are often compared to Email, but just compare open rates for those two: SMS – 99%, Email – 22%. The numbers speak for themselves.

BNTouch Voice (additional fees apply) is an extension of BNTouch CRM and provides subscribers with the best SMS/texting marketing tools. It allows you to directly text to your borrowers and partners as well as schedule texts as part of marketing campaigns.

Let’s say, you want to notify all transaction participants at once as soon as loan gets funded. Using BNTouch metatags and BNTouch Voice you will be able to send personalized, branded Text messages the second transaction hits funded stage.

And let’s say that you have a critical point in your marketing campaign that absolutely should not go unnoticed. Thanks to the SMS open rate you can safely schedule this step as a Text message and have an almost 100% guarantee that it will be opened and read immediately.

Start using BNTouch Voice now and take your marketing to a whole new level!

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