What You Should Expect from Your Mortgage CRM Software

by Tomi Pironti

In recent years, mortgage CRM software has advanced by leaps and bounds. Modern CRM includes built-in tools and workflows that are changing the way that mortgages are processed. An award-winning CRM can help you grow your business and streamline the mortgage experience.

However, we understand that implementing new technologies can be a challenging process. Below, BNTouch has outlined what you should expect from your mortgage CRM software. This list should help you find the right software for your organization.


The best mortgage CRMs will be able to grow with your business. You should expect your software to be flexible and scalable. You should also have the freedom to upgrade your service package as your needs evolve. Be wary of any software that appears inflexible or offers minimal scalability.

User-Friendly Design


You should also expect your CRM to be user-friendly. This is especially important if you are managing a team of loan officers. If you want your staff to be responsive to the new technology, it must be easy to use.

The best way to gauge a CRM’s user-friendliness is to schedule a demo. If you can easily complete basic tasks during a demonstration, then the software is probably a good fit. 

You should also bring a few experienced mortgage brokers to the demo. The more feedback you can gather, the better.

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing is one of the most time-consuming tasks that your loan officers engage in. Mortgage CRM software reduces wasted time by allowing you to automate these processes. You should be able to set up automated email and text responses.

When you do this, your loan officers will be free to focus on other tasks. Consumer engagement will improve, as well, because potential clients will receive timely responses to any inquiries they might make.

Digital Document Management

The biggest appeal of upgrading your CRM is digital document management. This feature will allow your team to review documents and keep buyers in the loop. Buyers will also be able to actively participate in the mortgage process.

Follow-Up Capabilities

When you choose a great CRM platform, you should also expect it to include follow-up capabilities. The software must include tools that allow you to automatically reach out to buyers after closing.

By setting up an automated email stream, you can nourish the consumer relationship. The goal is that they will share their experiences with others and refer new clients.

Client Retention Tools

CRM software should also incorporate client retention tools. The automation software will allow you to send birthday alerts and refinance notifications. This can open the door to repeat business for your loan officers. 

Thanks to modern CRM software, you will never miss an opportunity to connect with past clients.

A World-Class Mortgage CRM from BNTouch

BNTouch’s innovative mortgage CRM software has all of these capabilities and more. We offer custom solutions to help loan officers provide an enjoyable mortgage experience. Our tools are effective, user-friendly, and affordable.

At BNTouch, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Contact us today and request a demo. Once you have seen our mortgage CRM firsthand, you won’t want to process loans without it. 


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