Webinar: Using the BNTouch Mortgage CRM Dashboard

by Crystal Minter

The first page you see when logging into the BNTouch Mortgage CRM is the dashboard, which helps you understand and organize your daily tasks. The information located here also helps you build your business. You can access the dashboard from other areas in your CRM by clicking on the dashboard tab in the upper left portion of the screen.

The dashboard is organized into several sub-tabs that contain useful tools and information:

Quick View

The Quick View sub-tab allows you to search through your records. Here you can filter records by type, status in the pipeline, group, and age. Records matching your criteria are listed below. Open any record by clicking the blue name link. Action links to the right can be used to communicate with the contact or add an event to their record.

Loan Apps 

The Loan Apps sub-tab displays a list of 1003 loan applications that have been submitted to you through borrower portals. This list can be filtered to show Completed, Dismissed, and Not Completed. Any associated records can be accessed by clicking the blue link (the borrower’s name).


The Leads sub-tab provides a series of graphs and statistics representing your new and progressing leads. Various chart styles can be accessed using the lead conversion drop down menu. Data can be filtered by source or month. Any chart displayed here can be printed or downloaded using the context menu icon. You can hide or expand these lead statistics by clicking the title bar. Below is the Latest Leads panel that give syou quick access to the latest leads in your CRM. Using the Latest Leads drop down menu you can review any new leads or the latest leads.


The Docs sub-tab can be used to view uploaded documents to your records. By default, this list will show all documents without a status. A document will have no status when it is uploaded in your CRM or via a borrower from a portal site. 

This tab allows you to quickly Review, Accept, or Deny uploaded documents. You can filter the list by status, upload date, or file name using the menu at the top of the page. This can be used to easily find documents throughout all mortgage and partnership records.


The In-Processing Board provides a graphical representation of your in-processing pipeline. As before, charts can be changed, filtered, printed, or downloaded. Below, records in processing can be listed or displayed as a report. The types of reports can be chosen using the drop down menu.


The Tasks sub-tab displays three organizational tools: the Missed Tasks list, the To Do list, and the Calendar. These panels provide a concise summary of your daily tasks in BNTouch. Any tasks that have been assigned to you elsewhere in the system and have passed their deadline automatically show here in your Missed Tasks list. Here, you can mark them as Done or Cancelled using the checkboxes to the left and the buttons below. Tasks can be rescheduled individually. If the phone module is enabled you can send the records for any missed tasks to the dialer queue from the list. 

The To Do List is to remind yourself to complete tasks that are not data specific. New entries can be added and assigned a priority using the Add Entry tab. The list can be sorted and filtered by priority. Entries can be marked as Done, Cancelled, or Deleted from the list using the checkboxes to the left and buttons below. Multiple entries can be modified at once using the edit list tab. A full list of To Do entries can be accessed using the History tab. Cancelled entries will still appear on this list, however, deleted ones will not. 

The Calendar can be used to set up tasks and reminders for yourself. To create a new task, click the Add Task button or click an open time on the calendar. Choose who the event is for, and choose a Date, Time, and Type of Contact. Include a brief description. You can set a reminder to appear here for the event, which can be one time or recurring. Private tasks will only be visible by the user they are created for. 

When finished, click Add Task to save the event in the calendar. Tasks added to the calendar here will not be directly linked to a mortgage or partnership. Record. However, tasks created from the mortgages or partnerships tab will be linked. 

Days can be navigated using the arrow buttons, the Today button, or selecting a Date and clicking Show. To edit a task on the calendar, simply click it. Any changes you make will be saved upon clicking Update Task. Tasks can be filtered by user or status using the dropdown menus. 

You can also sync your BNTouch calendar with other calendaring programs by clicking the orange iCAL button, copying the link, and updating your calendaring program. This sync is one way. External events cannot be imported into the BNTouch calendar.


The Campaigns sub-tab shows a summary of your current, pending, and recent marketing campaigns. This list can be updated using the yellow button above. Campaigns can be cancelled using the checkboxes to the left and the Cancel Selected button. Campaign steps can also be sent directly from this panel. In this way, emails can be sent while in safe mode.


The Assignments sub-tab will list any records pending assignment to you, whether sent to yourself or from another user. These assignments can be accepted, denied, or cancelled here and a history of your assigned records can be found below. Records cannot be assigned here, they can be assigned to you in the Mortgages or Partnerships tabs.


The Alerts sub tab will keep you up to date on any upcoming Birthdays or Loan Anniversaries for your clients and partners. These reminders are separate from birthday or anniversary related campaigns. You can click any of the names here to access the corresponding records and action can be taken directly from these lists to contact the relevant people.

Below the Refinance Monitor panel will appear. Current refinancing rates can be set here using the Change link. Each night, loans will be checked automatically and any clients in your records with rates above the newly changed rate will be listed.

“Listed Properties” Watch Alerts: Paying attention to local properties and their current listing statuses can be difficult at times. Luckily, BNTouch is introducing “Listed Properties” Watch Alerts to keep you up to date. When one of your client’s properties changes MLS status, new property listings will be added directly to your dashboard tab so you can see them right when you log into BNTouch. 

Listing agents for these properties can be quickly added as new partners. Partners you already work with will have links to their records in your CRM. You can also jump to relevant borrower records in your CRM and provide the best possible service to your clients. 

To make sure you never miss a listing, you will also receive regular email alerts with new property listing changes. These emails will contain links to relevant records in your database and important listing data about the property — how long it’s been on the market to the newest price for each listing. 

Each morning at 7 a.m. EST, BNTouch will automatically check for property updates matching your mortgage database that have changed MLS status. If there is any change to active, pending, or contingent statuses, they will be added to your Listing Property Alerts. You can see all of these newly updated listings in the Dashboard tab of your CRM. Just open the Alerts sub- tab, then look for the Listed Properties panel below. Here you will see a summary of matching borrower records whose property addresses match listing with new status changes. 

By default, you will see only Active listings, which now includes listings that have an Active or Contingent status. Those that have been updated to a Sold or Failed status will be automatically moved to the Inactive tab on this list. You can also dismiss any of these listings from the list using the checkmarks to the left and the Dismiss button above the list. These will be moved to the Dismissed tab. If you wish to see all listings regardless of status, click the All tab above the list. 

You can find specific listings using the property address or date range. Once you’ve entered the search criteria you’d like to use, click the Apply button to filter the list below. 

When you find relevant property listings, you can see the name of the listing agent for each one in the Agent Information column. If you click the icon to the right of an agent’s name, you can then quickly add them as a new partner in your CRM. Any information for the agent can be brought into the record, including their name, email address, phone number, and company name. This allows you to easily start new business with a new partner and provide options for your client. If the agent for the listing is already one of your partners, you can just click on their name to open their record in your CRM. 

Further to the right, you can use the Actions menu icon to communicate with each borrower. Like elsewhere in your CRM, you’ll be able to instantly create emails, SMS text messages, pre-recorded videos, new video emails, and postcards from here. 

You can also add Notes to the client’s record in your CRM tracker using the Add Tracker link including options to share this information with borrowers and partners in their portal sites. 

In addition to the new Dashboard tab features, you also get regular reports of the new property listing updates sent to your email. When we find new status updates for you each morning, BNTouch will send you an email summary of new listing changes from your clients. For each listing with a new status, you’ll get details about the property, including the property address, how long its been on the market, the date it was listed, its new status, and the current listing number and price. Each listing will also include a link to the borrower who has also been listed. You can then click the borrower name or the button below to jump right to the client’s record in your CRM. This feature is available for all new and existing BNTouch accounts. If you need support, please contact our support specialists at: support@bntouchmortgage.com 


The Custom sub tab can be used to configure your own BNTouch dashboard. Panels from other dashboard tabs can be found here and these panels can be dragged and dropped, and collapsed and expanded, and organized to fit your needs.


The Calendar sub tab will display an expanded version of the calendar panel from the task sub tab. This can be useful for viewing an entire week or month at a glance, rescheduling appointments, and more.

Outside the dashboard tab, you can find additional options to the right of your screen. The Recent Files tab has a drop down menu that shows the last few records you’ve opened. This list is available wherever you are in the BNTouch CRM. You can reopen any of these records by clicking the record name. 

The blue panel on the far right of the screen will show the latest relevant information in your BNTouch CRM. Click the Clock icon will show the tracker. A list of all recent events will show in your schedule. These results can be narrowed in the filtered checklist. If the mail or voice modules are activated, the speech bubble icon can be used to see all communication you have sent or received from your clients, partners, and staff. If you need to find anything in your BNTouch account, you can use the Search bar in the upper right corner to access records, campaigns, and much more.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always access BNTouch support by clicking the user menu. Here you can Submit a Ticket to our staff, view Training & Support materials, and even invite your colleagues to join BNTouch.

Using the BNTouch Mortgage CRM Dashboard


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